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3d-printed body parts designed for teaching anatomy

by:Tuowei     2019-08-31
Melbourne: highly developed scientistsrealistic 3D-
Print the body parts so that the intern can learn the anatomy of the human body without touching the real body.
Created by 3D printing, the creator of a unique kit containing anatomical body parts says it will revolutionize medical education and training, especially in countries where there is a problem with the use of corpses.
The \"3d printed anatomy series\" developed by experts from Monash University is considered the first such resource to be commercialized.
The kit does not contain human tissue, but it provides all the major parts of the body needed to teach anatomy of limbs, chest, abdomen, head and neck.
Professor Paul McMenamin, director of the University\'s Center for Human anatomy education, said simplicity and cost
An effective Anatomy kit will greatly improve the knowledge of interns and other health professionals and even help to develop new surgical treatments.
\"For centuries, the bodies received by the medical school have been used to teach students human anatomy, and this practice continues today.
However, many medical schools have reported that either there is a shortage of corpses, or that their handling and storage costs are too high due to strict regulations that allow the autopsy, \"he said.
\"Without the ability to look inside the body and see muscles, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels, it is difficult for students to understand the anatomy of the human body.
\"We believe that our version, which looks like something real, can make a huge difference,\" McMenamin said . \".
The kit, which will be available later this year, may have a special impact on developing countries whose bodies are not readily available or banned for cultural or religious reasons.
\"Even with bodies, they are often in short supply, expensive, and they smell a little bad due to the anti-corrosion process.
So some people don\'t feel comfortable working with them, \"says McMenamin.
\"Our 3D printing series can be made quickly and easily, and unlike the bodies, they don\'t deteriorate --
So it\'s a cost.
\"This is also an effective option,\" he said . \"
After scanning a real anatomical specimen with a CT or surface laser scanner, the body part is 3D printed with plaster
Like powder or plastic, produce high-resolution, precise color replicas.
\"Radiography, such as CT, is a very fine means of obtaining information, just like the pages of a book.
\"By taking this data and making a 3D rendering model, we can color the model and convert it to a 3D printer for re-creating three layers-
\"The size body part can be scaled,\" McMenamin said . \".
The study was published in the journal anatomy education.
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