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3D-printed bone implant that dissolves in body

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Scientists have developed a biodegradable bone implant that can improve the survival rate of accident victims.

Printed polymer bone implants with improved in vivo survival and organic degradation ability were subsequently replaced by natural bone tissue.

Researchers at Moscow State University of Science and Technology (NUST) MISIS have developed an implant with shape memory that can be removed from accessories and blocking devices during surgery.

One of the features of the new implant, the researchers said, is to improve the survival rate of the implant in the body tissue and the ability to degrade organically, thus being replaced by natural bone tissue.

'Young scientists at the nust misis Composite Center have created a prototype of a new polymer implant that is coarctate and therefore is not mechanically affected by surgery, said Alevtina Chernikova of nust misis: 'During the procedure, it' opens 'at a certain temperature '.

'Thus, the implant can be printed on a 3D printer at the selected size and compressed twice in a protective, biodegradable enclosure, chernikova said:' heated during surgery, eventually firmly secure in the refurbished area of the soft tissue without the use of metal blocking devices and fasteners traditionally used for transplant. '.

'We have successfully applied the shape memory effect to pla-Based Polymer Composites, a pla,' said Fedor Senatov, head of the project . '.

' porous sample made of a composite can be compressed twice and then restored to the original shape.

In addition to this, the material is biocompatible: it dissolves in the body without causing any damage, 'Senatov said.

'We have developed a technique for stacking multi-functional mesenchymal cells (msc), a bioengineering structure that is isolated from the patient's bone marrow, it stimulates the internal blood vessels and tissues of the implant and, therefore, optimizes the survival process and improves the efficiency of the transplant, 'Senatov said.

The implant has a task geometry and a high porosity and no additional treatment is required.

It is tightly fixed in bone defects and is successfully replaced by organic tissue due to the properties of the material and the use of the patient's own cells.

3D-printed bone implant that dissolves in body

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