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3D-Printed Car Looks Like Giant Turtle

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

The future of the car will be on display at the Geneva Motor Show this week, which looks like this. . . a turtle.

Genesis is a car body concept designed by EDAG, a German engineering company, inspired by the shell-

3D printing in a completesized piece.

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The inside of the chassis is reinforced with interlocking brackets, similar to the bone structure.

The printing material is carbon fiber, and the robot applies the thermoplastic material to the outside.

In the creation of the century, EDAG tried several different 3D printing methods, such as stereo exposure, in which the 3D printer put down the light layer.

Sensitive resin, then hardened resin with ultraviolet rays.

However, EDAG finally found that the best process is also the most common: Modeling of molten deposition, or

Technologies used by companies such as MakerBot or Cubify in most consumer printers.

In this process, the printer starts from the ground and prints the object with melted plastic or other liquefied material.

When each layer is cooled and hardened, another layer is added, allowing the printer to create complex, interlocking shapes that cannot be completed in a mold or hand.

Working on any scale makes it ideal for large projects like Genesis.

Since it does not produce harmful smoke, it can also be carried out in an open space.

In EDAG's lab, the robot extruder puts down the melted polymer material to make this structure.

Carbon fiber added in the production process makes the Origin body highly robust and durable.

The ultimate goal is to print the whole car in 3D at a time.

'Objectives regarding the manufacture of additives [3D printing]

Producing the complete body: there is still a long way to go before this becomes an industrial application, so for now, it is still a vision, 'EDAG said in a press release.

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3D-Printed Car Looks Like Giant Turtle

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