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3D Printed Construction Kit Project

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

The 3D printed building kit project was originally designed by Bill Levin at the Ocean Hall on Maui, Hawaii, and adapted by Michael Ferrano II for his high school 101 course.

In this project, students will learn some new skills and tools in makerspace in our school, including CAD design and 3D printing.

The ultimate goal of this project is for students to learn the basics of their design 'productized' and make them attractive, easy to understand and understand.

Students will create a build kit via a 3D print modular connector that allows customers to create 3D models from ordinary everyday objects (i. e.

Pencil, toilet paper, etc. ).

Student programs will be publicly shared online for world visits, an important aspect of being a manufacturer.

They will be tested by young students in the school or community for their building kit project and will receive feedback on further product development.

The objectives of this project are as follows: the delivery of this project is: a modular building kit introduction sheet for the student is also attached.

You are free to use and adjust your own projects.

To prepare for this project, students need to collect some materials and get some tools.

Tools: Materials: students have the potential to score a total of 100 points for this project in my Make It 101 course.

The project is divided into 5 assignments and 6 levels: the project proposal and presentation are assigned and completed at the beginning of the project.

Final products, Thingiverse products and construction kits are assigned and completed at the end of the project.

The rules for these jobs are attached to this step.

Please feel free to use and adjust these rules for your own project.

After students are introduced to the project, they have time to conduct research on websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo to learn how to attract potential buyers and stakeholders, and how to 'produce' and market themselves.

This will be handy for the kit and the Thingiverse project.

Students must also decide on their daily materials (i. e.

Pencil, CD box, straw, etc. )

Project proposal students create a slide presentation to 'market' their project to the rest of the class.

Slides must include: a sample student proposal is attached.

Project proposal presentation students present their proposal slides to the rest of the class.

At the end of the presentation, the classroom is free to provide feedback and questions.

If possible, it would be great if students could show it to other adults on campus or even in front of young students.

Onshapestudent creates a new onform education program account and starts learning onform by using their online tutorials (including videos, building exercises, and quizzes.

You can find online tutorials here.

This is a good starting point because it provides students with the basis to use onform and challenges them to build simple parts in onform while practicing what they have learned in the video.

If they forget the tools or features, they can easily jump back into the previous video and watch it again.

This online tutorial is enough for students to design their modular connectors.

In order to determine the correct size and shape suitable for daily materials, the students went through a prototyping phase.

They will create the basic design of their 3D modular connectors and then export them as STL files and send them to the 3D printer.

These parts will not be complete designs because they just want to determine if their material is appropriate.

Students may go through the process many times before finding the right person.

When using a school 3D printer, you teach students how to combine files with 3D printing is ideal.

Time is precious, and if each student prints it separately, this will result in the duration of this project exceeding the necessary time.

Once the students have finalized their modular connectors, they start producing their parts on a large scale.

The number of parts they 3D print will depend on the final 3D model they decide to create for the building kit.

I also want to learn to always print 1 or 2 extra in case of parts damage, as a teacher, I ask them to print one of each connector for myself, so I have examples to share with future classes: D!

One of the final deliverables of this project is to have students create an actual construction kit based on their modular connector design and daily materials.

The kit will also be tested!

The students in my class visited a grade 2nd class in our school and sat with a group of 2nd grade product testers.

2nd grade students tried to follow the instructions when exploring connectors and materials.

2nd grade students were then asked specific questions about the kit to provide my students with valuable feedback on future product improvements.

The building kit should include: While we don't have time to walk around, it would be ideal if the students all designed the exterior of the box and maybe even created a company logo!

Since this is basically a 3D printing project, I think the best place to show the student's work is through Thingiverse.

As another deliverable for the project, students have to 'produce' their modular connectors on Thingiverse.

They all set up their own MakerBot Thingiverse account and then set up a new Thingiverse project.

The Thingiverse project must include: you can check out my student Thingiverse project here: you took the time to review this instructions!

Hope you can implement this project or something like that in your own school or class!

If you do this, please let me know how things are going through the comments below!

Contact me and share!

Class website: bit. Ly/makeit101www. EdTechnocation.

Facebook: www. facebook.

Com/edgeccationinstagram: www. instagram.

3D Printed Construction Kit Project

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