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3D-printed 'downloadable' firearms are coming

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

There are no traceable gun parts, no background checks, and no more is needed at home to make one, except for a computer and a 3D printer.

They can be weapons of the future: Plasticand-

Resin weapons for American gunmen and selfies

Describe the desire for widespread spread of the anarchy Cody Wilson. On Aug. 1, the 30-year-

Old Texans are planning to legally distribute online blueprints for his single

Shooting 'Liberator' pistol and AR-15. Some U. S.

Lawmakers were shocked by the prospect of warning that 'Downloadable guns' were a national security issue.

'The blood on their hands': Critics condemn the United StatesS.

Decision to allow 3D

But if politicians want to stop Wilson, they don't have much precious time.

The Trump administration settled a five last month.

Wilson filed a one-year lawsuit against the federal government, allowing him to publish a former article

Limit schematic this week, allowing anyone who can use a 3D printer to become a DIY gunner with a few mouseclicks.

'The era of downloadable guns has officially begun,' announced Wilson's home page of 'Defense Distribution', The wikiweapon advocacy group.

After their release, Wilson has been predicting the end of gun control in the United States.

He was reached by phone in Austin and declined to comment.

But on Twitter last week, he posted a picture of a tombstone marked 'US gun control.

'Join My

Another Democrat, EdMarkey, pleaded at the hearing with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to reconsider the 'special exemption' for downloadable firearms and to keep the defense department issuing instructions.

'I don't think that in the world we want, Hamas in Gaza has the ability to download a large-capacity AR-

This may endanger the security of the region . '

'The same thing can happen all over the world.

Pompeo's answer was: 'Let me have a look.

'The government's decision to allow people to post online blueprints on how to make deadly 3D printing guns at home is puzzling-it's dangerous!

I will submit a bill as soon as possible to strictly limit the release of these detailed plans on how to make 3D printed guns. pic. twitter.

Com/ogRLcHLJPO not inspiring confidence in guns

Control advocates worry about the increase in 'ghost guns --

Unregistered guns without serial numbers cannot be tracked. All-

Plastic guns can avoid metal detectors.

With the help of Wilson's liberators, there was only one small fire needle and one steel that was in compliance with the Undetectable Firearms Act. (

The Liberator manual indicates the user to insert a metal block;

Enthusiasts may take this step, critics say. )

'It's a perfect weapon for criminals,' said Vice President John Roy.

President of litigation in Washington

The Brady Centre for gun violence prevention is one of three groups that filed a motion to stop the settlement with the federal court.

'If you're a convicted criminal, a family member --

Violent abuser, if you have a dangerous mental illness

But you have a 3D printer.

You can make your own guns.

'This is a new way to make ghost guns,' said Lindsay Nichols, director of federal policy at the Gifford Legal Center, another group seeking a ban. 3D-

Printed plastic gun facing USAS.

In 2013, after Wilson printed and tested his liberators, the government began cracking down on the legal odyssey.

When Wilson shares open-

Source data file so that anyone from all over the world can print their own, he also has a conflict with the United StatesS.

Arms export control laws restricting arms exports.

According to the State Department at the time, publishing his plan online is equivalent to the 'export' of technical weapons data, because it allows the blueprint to be downloaded around the world.

He was ordered to delete the files, which were downloaded 100,000 times in a few days.

Wilson, who is inclined to libertarian, poses a challenge to the limits of freedom. speech grounds.

'In general, the court is not on his side,' Nichols said . '.

He lost almost every time.

The State Department basically won the case.

But last month, the State Council unexpectedly solved the problem.

While DIY gun kits have been sold online for a long time, making gun kits with commercial milling machines will never be 'so easy', which can lead to dangerous situations, Nichols said.

somewhat surprising voice agreed. Eric Mutchler —

Another gunman who also lives in Austin and has made a functional 3D

The Liberator came out with a gun printed the same year.

Inconsistent with Wilson's vision.

'I was a little worried --

Because I am a father . '

'If I had a hobby printer, my son was playing online and downloaded [computer-Auxiliary design

Then he said, 'Dad is at work. I want to print this out, assemble it, and test it . '

I was worried that someone was injured and did not use the proper safety equipment.

Muchler said: 'It is well known that the liberators will break down after one discharge.

3D shooting is often bannedprinted guns.

'You care more about yourself than you shoot someone, really.

Muchler named his pistol.

The world's first 3D

Printed M1911 made of metal'Reason.

'One version, made for $1-

Millions of industrial milling machines have fired 5,000 bullets and built them for 32 hours.

In an interview with the CBC last week, Wilson said the response to his plan was 'equal anger and equal interest'

Even pleasure.

'Canadians can download his blueprint, but it is still illegal to manufacture or own a firearm without proper permits and registration.

With the lifting of legal barriers in the United StatesS.

Is the biggest obstacle to 3D everywhere.

The price could be a printable gun.

Defense Distributed sells its 'Ghost Gunner 2' mill for $1,600.

M4 master M4 and a half

The automatic retail price is about $700.

'If the criminal wants a gun, they will go out and steal it,' Dave Warman said . '

Rights advocates for the Second Amendment Foundation.

'They don't need to buy 3D-

Printing machine. ''Gun-

The shared exhibition points out that easy access to attack weapons is impossible: from saving turtles to cloning artifacts, 3D printing is opening up a new world for former owner Joe Biggs on the right --

Wing media channel InfoWars, allowing 3D design

Printable firearms available for distribution are a constitutional right.

Freedom of speech-

Biggs says he has a gun worth $70,000.

'I told Cody before, I want to shoot [a Liberator].

I haven't done it yet, but I think it's cool.

I don't believe a strong big government will tell me everything I can and can't do.

'He's also not worried that criminals will use homemade guns.

'My computer sucks.

Most people hardly know how to get on Facebook.

Now, we expect a large number of people to know how to use these machines?

'However, homemade guns were used in the murder.

2013, a gunman in Santa Monica, California

And assembled a half.

The automatic rifle for parts he bought online killed five people.

Asked if the public design of plastic guns would increase the likelihood of similar violent crimes in the United StatesS.

There is no anxiety in Biggs.

'Anything is possible.

The damn thing will happen.

'At the same time, Wilson was clearly happy to count down to August. When gun-

Everytown, a gun safety control group, posted a petition on Twitter asking Americans to stop reconciliation, sharing their requests and encouraging them.

'Come on,' he wrote . '

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