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3D-printed ear created in lab

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

With 3D printing, what you can do seems to be limited only by your imagination.

Latest Innovations: 3D

Printed artificial ears[sidebar]

The ears look and function like normal human ears, produced by spraying living cells into the injection mold.

In three months, each ear grew cartilage shaped like mold.

The researchers reported online today that these ersatz ears can replace the ears of children with congenital malformation (Feb. 20)

In the journal PLOS ONE

' bioengineering ear replacement like this will also help people who lose part or all of their outer ears in an accident or cancer,' co-

First author Jason speckett, a plastic surgeon at wilcornell Medical School in New York City, said in a statement.

If the ears prove safe and successful, Spector says, in less than three years, it is possible to implant an ear in humans.

The inner ear of a child with a known minor ear malformation is intact, but the outer ear is not fully developed, resulting in hearing loss.

Depending on the country, the prevalence rate is slightly lower than one per 10,000 infants to up to four. [

Nine of the most bizarre conditions]

The artificial ear is made by making a digital 3D image of the child's full ear and inputting it into a 3D printer to make the earshaped mold.

Then the scientists injected a gel made of live ear cells and collagen (

Substances used to make gelatin)

One ear popped out of the mold.

It took less than two days for the whole process: design the mold for half a day, print it for one day, inject the gel for half an hour and let it solidify for 15 minutes.

The researchers then implanted the made ears into the back of the mouse, where the ears grew for one to three months.

It sounds creepy, and this is not the first time scientists have grown ears on rodents as a model for naturally growing ears.

In medicine, the current replacement ear is made of foam plastic

Like material or eve.

Like the Genesis that was taken out of the patient's ribs.

The latter is difficult and painful and rarely produces an ear that works well or looks natural.

Advantages of 3D-

The printed replacement ear can be madeto-

Order, use the mold of the patient's normal ear (

If they do)

Or from someone of the same size.

Researchers are now cultivating human ear cartilage cells in the laboratory, which will reduce the chance of tissue rejection.

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3D-printed ear created in lab

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