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3d-printed ears with hearing aids a cheap and easy fit for child patients

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
As new technology is being developed in Brisbane, children with ear malformation will soon be able to get the false ear at a price lower than the cost of a pair of glasses.
The project is developed in two phases-
First, a short one.
Terminology Solutions to help solve cosmetic problems. The 3D-
Printed ears will be made of medical grade silicone and will be attached with magnetic or surgical glue within a few hours.
Available for sale in two years. The longer-
Queensland University of Technology will participate in the semester program (QUT)
It took three years to develop a tissue engineering solution to create a 3D ear containing cells from the same child that will grow in a biological reactor and be implanted into the child through surgery
QUT has received $120,000 from the Queensland government and charities to comment on these projects.
Mia Woodruff, an associate professor in charge of the joint initiative, said the project was very exciting.
No one is 3D.
\"There used to be printed ear prosthetic limbs in the world,\" she said . \".
We can then enter this information into a custom
\"We made a 3D printer that could print that ear on the spot,\" she said . \".
\"I think the ability of 3D --
Printing an ear prosthesis is cheaper than wearing a pair of glasses.
Director Dimity Dornan said the charity will also provide implanted hearing technology so that children can hear the sound like other children do.
\"So far, no one has been able to crack the beauty effects that are so important to parents,\" she said . \".
Parents Chloe Mulligan and Leigh Van said they were both. year-
The old daughter Maia knows nothing about the fact that her ears are not developing properly.
But MS Mulligan said they were scared when she asked her why she had no ears.
\"It will obviously be heartbreaking, but in fact we can say no, it doesn\'t matter, you will hear it,\" she said . \".
Previously, the only option was an expensive trip to the US false ear.
\"We found this about four to five weeks ago and I can\'t believe it,\" MS Mulligan said . \".
\"As far as this technology is concerned, I think there are still a few years away, and we have only a few options, which in our view is a very bad one. So obviously [we are]ecstatic.
Leeanne Enoch, Queensland\'s Minister of Innovation and Science, announced part of the funding today, saying the government wants to see great ideas turn into business realities.
\"This particular study opens the door to incredible research in the medical field around the world,\" she said . \".
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