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3D Printed Fashion Finally Got Wearable

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

Introduction to the world's first 3D printing fashion series [Photo: Modeclix]As high-

Although 3D printing fashion sounds high-tech, it is not completely new to the fashion industry.

In fact, it has been included in the collection of designers such as Iris van Herpen, Chanel and Noa Raviv.

The problem so far is that the clothes look both complex and impressive and are not very wear-resistant. Until now.

Behind the MODECLIX project, we took a step forward, which recently announced the first 3D printed fashion collection, which is as wearable as technically impressive.

With flexible movement and 'printed' textiles that mimic traditional materials, the series has eight pieces of clothing and two headgear, with the goal of becoming the first 3D fashion series that can eventually be stored on the street.

Sean bosterlock, vice president of business and innovation at the University of Hartford, is the architect of the project, which is with Mark Bloomfield, a well-known 3D expert and designer (electrobloom).

'It's only a matter of time before we see 3D collection and 3D printing technology in the store on the street,' Dr. Borstrock told Yahoo . '.

'We are happy to be part of the movement to explore how this will become a reality.

3D fashion wearable! [Photo: Modeclix]

Dr. Borstrock continued to explain the difference between the project and other 3D designs: 'The previous 3D printing designs were mostly conceptual pieces of entities and had little movement.

We strive to create stylish 3D printed garments with sufficient athletic ability to ensure they are smooth and beautiful

Comfortable to wear.

'All the costumes in the series are designed to level the natural shape of the wearer, without affecting style or comfort, each dress can be customized to any size by hand by adjusting the complex links.

Produced on industrial 3D printers, the production time varies depending on the complexity of the design, but on average it takes about 62 hours to print a piece of clothing.

So who do the team want to see wearing their designs?

'It would be great to design for people like Scarlett Johnson and Rebel Wilson to show how Modeclix is used to capture a very different personality and show its versatility.

Want to see more?

Watch collections online from May 1, or watch short films about collections.

Will you wear 3D print fashion?

3D Printed Fashion Finally Got Wearable

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