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3D printed gift ideas that look amazing

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

3D printing technology is rapidly being used to produce fine items that can make satisfying holiday gifts.

But beyond that, a new CBC Radio documentary shows that the technology has triggered a profound revolution in manufacturing, art and science.

Documentary producer, computer scientist David Gerhard (David Gerhard) experts interviewed in this revolution will be very surprised, in this decade, 3D printing will change our lives

Documentary airedDec.

Month in CBC Radio 'sideas.

Listen to the full documentary IdeasChris Anderson, a 3D printing pioneer and industrialist living in Silicon Valley, called 3D printing 'The Road'do]

Just a few years ago, it was impossible or too expensive to do digital production on your desktop.

He told Gerhard: 'At the time, the 3D printer needed skills and knowledge to build and use.

'Today, they are ready --

It's as simple as any child can use it.

'Any child . . . . . . There are also many artists and artisans.

Take a look at some of the hottest art and crafts galleries brought to us by the magic of modern technology.

3D printed gift ideas that look amazing

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