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3D printed guns: Controversial software release

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

The release of controversial new software that allows consumers to print guns in 3D was blocked in the United States, just hours before it was set to be available.

Gun access advocacy group Defense Distributed, after reaching an agreement with the Trump administration last month, will put the downloadable gun blueprint online on Wednesday.

But eight states and the Colombian district sued the government for blocking the settlement, arguing that guns that could not be tracked were safety risks, and Seattle's US District Judge Robert Lasco blocked the release on Tuesday.

Critics are worried that weapons are made by 3-

D printer is an untraceable, undetectable 'ghost' gun that poses a threat to global security.

But some gun rights groups say the technology is expensive, guns are unreliable and threats are exaggerated.

According to federal law, it is now illegal to publish these documents, Lasnik said. 'There are 3-

Printers in public colleges and public spaces have the potential to cause irreparable potential harm, 'Lasnik said at the end of a report

One-hour litigation hearing

S. leader Donald Trump said before making a decision that the release 'doesn't make much sense '.

On Twitter on Tuesday, he said: 'I am investigating 3-

Sell plastic guns to the public.

Already talked to NRA and it doesn't seem to make much sense!

Josh Blackman, the company's defense lawyer, said at a hearing on Tuesday that the blueprint had been uploaded to the company's website on Friday.

Blackman said in an interview that he was disappointed with the court's ruling and the judge's comments. 'Mr.

'Wilson strictly abides by all court orders,' Blackman said . ' He added that he was waiting for a written order from the judge before deciding on further legal action.

3D printed guns: Controversial software release blocked in US just hours before code set to be made available

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