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3D-printed guns in Qld house looked real

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Police say 3D is fully functional

The printed pistol seized in a raid on a property on the Sunshine Coast, its hand and grip are surprisingly similar to that of the police --issued weapons.

Detective Senior Officer Darren Edwards said the guns were of high quality and that it was worrying that the weapon that could be launched could have been manufactured by a printer.

They did a good job. . .

'We use police locks, grab them, feel them, they are very good,' said Edwards Snr Sgt Edwards . '.

'They're all polymer and just need a pin and a spring --

Push the type component into it to make it work.

They look like a gun for all intents and purposes.

Police say three 3D

Printed pistols and weapons components, Knuckles, fake licenses and drugs were found in a house in mujiba on Wednesday.

Sean Patrick Murphy, 27, faces marooochydore security court on weapons and drug charges on Thursday and is pending trial.

His case will be returned to court on August 31.

The Snr Sgt Edwards said police were aware of the man, which was 'certainly' the first charge involving the use of a 3D printer to make a gun on the Sunshine Coast.

'The trigger is on them, and if they have a few other parts on them, they can fire shells,' he said . '.

This may be the first time for the Sunshine Coast, but this is not the first time for Queensland.

Last year, a Gold Coast man was suspended after making parts for 3D.

The police later assembled and shot the printing gun.

Following 2015 raids, the successful prosecution is believed to be one of the first in the state to manufacture weapons without a permit through 3D printing.

On November 2016, police raided the workshop in the industrial zone of nellang and found 3D-

Make machine guns.

The Queensland Parliament rejected the arms (Digital 3D and printed firearms) amendment on 2014, which would make it illegal to manufacture, distribute, own or acquire 3D firearms without a permit

Mr. Edwards said that the current law had sufficient scope to make all the necessary allegations after the raid.

'I can't comment on the bill, but we found the appropriate allegations in terms of making guns,' he said . '.

3D-printed guns in Qld house looked real

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