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3D-printed handgun 'fires successfully' | Adelaide

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09


It is said that the first printed pistol in the world that anyone can make has been successfully launched.

3D 'Liberator' pistol consisting almost entirely of 3D

It's a small pistol-

Just like a weapon that can shoot a variety of types of pistol bullets through a few swap plastic buckets.

It is now claimed to have successfully launched it.

Forbes recorded shooting tests in Texas.

The founder of the Defense Ministry, Cody.

Wilson personally fired the Liberator.

It is reported that except for the cracks on the pins used to fix the barrel, Neither Wilson nor the gun itself was damaged.

Forbes reported that one of the secrets of the complete structure of the gun may be that the barrel has been treated with 'a can of acetone evaporated with a pot of water and a camping furnace, 'It is said to reduce friction by slightly smoothing holes.

The Liberator is made of 16 parts, of which 15 are made with a Stratasys 3D printer and a non-

Functional metal parts contribute to the compliance of firearms with the non-detectable firearms act.

The organization told Forbes that once guns are tested and functionally verified, they will post digital blueprints for guns on their website, allowing anyone to make them.

3D-printed handgun

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