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3D-printed hands help amputees in Nepal

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Victoria University of Engineering graduate pranav Shrestha will return to his home country Nepal this week to reach out to his father

Actually a few hands.

Shresthas and his twin brothers had a project at the university to make fake hands with a 3D printer.

Meanwhile, Shrestha's father is the founder of the plastic surgery hospital in Kathmandu.

'The simplicity of this design is that it fits the shape of the object.

If you hold an apple, or if you hold a credit card, the troops will adjust accordingly . '

Team Canada makes artificial legs using 3D printersyear-

Oldpicks hand in 3D printer challenge's 'neat solution to the growing problem' is customized for each amputee using commercial 3D printers and ready-made plastic PLA (

Pla often used in 3D printing), saidShrestha.

'I think this is a model that can scale indefinitely, because the only thing that needs to be propagated is design, Dr.

Dechev plans to open source it.

This is indeed a very clever solution for an increasingly serious problem.

According to shrestha, about 80 amputees live in low-income countries.

'Only people have access to prosthetic care.

3D printing really reduces the cost of these prosthetic devices.

'Refined hand design project led by Dr.

Nicolas deceuve of the University of Victoria has been running for several years and has gone through several iterations.

The researchers are currently collecting feedback from experienced amputees in Guatemala and Nepal on the function of printing equipment.

The organization is expected to launch a crowdfunding campaign in July 15 to establish print stations in Guatemala and Nepal.

Shrestha said their goal is to raise $90,000, which will cover the cost of starting a business and provide about 50 hands.

'The ultimate goal is to provide artificial limbs in developing countries for anyone who needs and wants a prosthetic limb.

'To hear a full interview with PranavShrestha, please listen to the audio marked' reaching out in Nepal.

3D-printed hands help amputees in Nepal

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