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3D-printed homes you can actually live in to be

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

The world's first habitable 3D

Printing houses will be built in the Dutch city of Eindhoven

Developers hope the move will help transform the construction industry.

Five concrete houses will be built later this year as part of a project milestone, a partnership between Eindhoven Polytechnic University and various partners that ensure the house is up to standard of living and occupied.

'The project is the world's first commercial housing project based on 3D concrete printing,' a spokesman for the university said . '.

All houses will be occupied. and]

They will meet all the requirements of modern comfort.

'This is not the first 3D of the House-

Although all previous attempts were part of a prototype or research project.

The first house to be built through a project milestone will be single-story, but the team eventually wants to build up to three floors using building technology.

Initially, the parts will be printed at the university, but the purpose is to transfer the entire operation to the construction site.

The team behind the latest construction project has previously printed the world's first 3D-

Currently, cyclists are using this concrete bridge in Gemert village, Netherlands.

The team says the exact nature of 3d

Printing means that less building material is wasted during the construction process, while also making it easier to customize the House to meet your personal wishes.

spokesman for Eindhoven University of Technology said: 'concrete 3D printing is a potential game changer in the construction industry . '.

'In addition to being able to build almost any shape, it also enables architects to design very fine concrete structures.

Another new possibility is to print the quality and color of various concrete in one product.

3D-printed homes you can actually live in to be built in Netherlands

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