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3D-printed jet engine unveiled by Australian researchers

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Australian researchers released the world's first 3D

Print the jet engine, which can lead to a breakthrough in fuel manufacturing that is cheaper, lighter and more-efficient jets.

Engineers at Monash University and its business unit, Amaero Engineering, are taking the lead

The secret prototypes of Boeing, Airbus Group NV, Raytheon and Safran SA may be the savior of Australia's struggling manufacturing industry.

3D printing has returned to life from the depressed manufacturing industry. Is 3D printing effective?

Earlier this week, outgoing Amaero CEO Robert Hobbs told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that 3D printing can reduce the production time of parts from three months to six days.

'The turnaround time associated with the attempt could be a few months, especially to try the new part.

'Where we can scan, print it out a few days later, so the biggest advantage is that we can greatly speed up the turnaround time of the jet engine,' he said . '.

Simon Marriott, the new CEO of Amaero, a private company that Monash has set up to commercialize the product, told Reuters that they plan to print engine parts in flight tests over the next 12 months, and get business use certification in the next two to three years.

In Australia, there are only three such 3D printers that could dominate the market.

It's one of only three large 3D metal printers in the world.

France and Germany have two more.

Is the only place to make the materials used in the machine.

It is also the world leader in intellectual property (IP)

3D printing for manufacturing.

3D printing to make products through layered materials until three

Create dimension objects.

Automotive and aerospace companies use it to produce prototypes and create specialized tools, molds and some terminalsuse parts.

Marriott declined to comment in detail on Amaero's contract with Boeing and Airbus on the grounds of trade secrets.

However, these contracts are expected to partially cover the cost of building more large printers at around $3. 5 million ($3. 4million Cdn)

Accelerate the production of jet engine components.

3D-printed jet engine unveiled by Australian researchers

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