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3d Printed Medical Vein Finder

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

Hello there.

My name is Alex. I am a military automotive engineer. My girlfriend is a registered nurse.

Her task is to collect blood samples from patients of all ages for further analysis (

Especially young).

She wasn't so good on the first day of her new job because she wasn't that experienced in finding veins, and when she complained, I searched Google for some solutions.

It is common to find veins in Western countries, but it is too expensive for us here (100-

vein finder is 拢 150 and her income is 拢 200 per month)

So I decided to do it myself.

I found some ideas, articles, but did not explain (

For example, the one in Kenya)

Then I found the link, but as a patient, I don't want my nurse to use it on me because of it.

So I designed a series to try to make it more patient

I finally succeeded.

I also made it with blue tape when printing with PLA, not distorted, rubbing alcohol and hot bed not active because I think it will be printed in poor areas, the printer with hot bed will be more expensive.

In addition, this can also be used in countries around the world that do not have medical equipment or funds to purchase medical equipment or the scarcity of professionals.

There are now Zika virus, malaria and various diseases. . .

This is a helper.

How it works.

Well, the light is 620.

680 nm can easily penetrate skin, fat tissue and oxidized blood, but when it comes to de-

Oxygen blood (

What is circulating through veins)

It is trapped there, resulting in a dark area.

You have to put this device on the skin, look for the right vein, aim at it, then put the needle in that gap, in the vein.

Very useful when working with anxiety patients, children, patients, if you try 2-3-

Get his/her blood samples 4 times. (

Sorry for my English, by the way).

For this project, you need the following

3d printer with dark filament (

I tested green, purple and yellow, purple is the best, yellow is the worst, Green is OK)-

Soldering iron and leaddremel -on -

Switch off link1 M3 bolt (

Not long, 5-

8mm should be enough)-

1 M3 metal thread plug-in link-

Battery contacts for 2 AA batteries-2 AA batteries(

Not in the picture)-wire link-

Remove 1 medical needle from the syringe1 tweezers-1 nail cutter -pliers-glue-caliper -

Shrink Link 10 cm-

51 Ohm about 15 resistors (

Between 45 and 75 should be OK)link -

The wavelength of about 15 red LEDs is above 620 nm, not higher than 680nm, because you can't see the light at all (

Edit after many tests)

5000 6500mcd (

Will not be higher, it will produce the same effect as coming from across the road at night to face a car with headlights, you will not see the veins, not lower, it does not have enough power to effectively penetrate the skin veins)

LinkEDIT: I only used 11 of them, not 15 LEDs or resistors.

I said 15 so that if someone had the LEDs wired wrong and burned, they would have spare and don't wait another week or so to restock. I usedtme.

Eu, you will easily find all the items you need there.

This is a great Polish site that is available throughout Europe.

Here are the files.

It took me about 3 months to figure out how to make it better.

It's safe to use it now. .

About 4-

Print for 5 hours using sunhokey 2015.

With dark filaments, I tested it in yellow, purple and green.

Purple is the best, Green is OK, yellow is useless.

Download the file from here (Zortrax Library)I used 0.

25mm layer height as I would like it to be done quickly and you can do it at 0 if you wish.

1mm, looks like the factory.

I designed it with Catia.

If you don't have a 3D printer, you can buy prints from shapeway. body--

PLA because it is not toxic, don't worry, it will not break if you put it down, I did some design function to increase its strength. Also.

Put down the blue tape and stick it with the card (

I used my pharmacy card because I don't use it very often)

Eliminate bubbles under tape.

Spray tape with alcohol (70-80%)

But not much to soak.

Let it dry for a minute and then start printing, but before counting the print, click to make the edge about 12mm wide. It works.

You can use any method you like, hair glue and glass, or kapton tape, which is your choice.

When the printer. . . . .

Print, your led needs to trim the skirt.

The hole in the vein finder is slightly larger than the diameter of the LED, so it will not move around (

I have some problems with my previous model.

Believe me, you want your led to show up. )

Trim them with your dremel and Polish tips. 5.

The initial diameter of 52mm dropped to 4. 81mm (

Hole diameter 5mm)

Do this for all your 15 led seconds.

When you want to weld the LED and resistor, you have to work in a very tight space (

In order for the equipment to be used in daily life, I had to push it off. so . . .

When my girlfriend tried the needle on me with a previously bulky model, I had an idea.

Why not wrap one end of the resistor around the needle, pull it, and then weld it around the LED? (

After putting the LED into the 3d print body, weld the part)

Do this for all your 15 resistors.

But first, we have to remove the print body from the print table.

By the way, I usually rub alcohol with blue tesa tape.

It sticks so well that it's annoying to remove it, and then, I use the floss, expose the skirt a little bit, then put the floss under and take that pattern out of there.

We then have to polish the LED position from below, as spots may be formed during printing.

Then we have to install LEDs.

The legs of the LED are longer and the legs are shorter.

Close the longer leg to the center and the shorter leg outward.

They will be connected as shown in the figure.

Bend longer legs with tweezers and weld them together.

Put the resistance in the pic on the outer ring (

Short legs)

, Solder the resistance onto the LEDs and then cut the extra length of the leg with a nail knife. Place a 3-4-

5mm shrink tube at LED-

Resistance area, shrink with soldering iron (

That's what I did).

When the soldering iron is still hot, place your metal insert above the hole and push it down gently.

Then, weld the resistance legs to each other.

It should look good in my photo.

Then place your battery contacts and bend their tails inward.

I lock the contacts in place with a soldering iron and melt the surrounding plastic, but you can glue them.

Weld the negative pole of the battery on the outer ring.

Weld a 5 cm wire to the inner ring, pass the wire through the switch gap, and weld it to the switch at the other end.

Connect the other 5 cm wire to the positive pole, pass it through the hole, and then weld the other end to the switch.

I suggest you isolate the switch leg with a shrink tube, you should place a 5mm shrink tube on the wire before welding the wire to the switch, from the inner ring and the positive pole.

Install the switch in place.

Install the top plate in place and glue it. It's done.

All you have to do now is buy some batteries, put your battery cover together and close it with M3 bolts.

Send them here if you have any questions: whether it's cosminaschiteanu @ gmail. com (my gf )

Or alex_stanciu2003 @ yahoo. com (myself )

You light it, put it on the pacient arm perpendicular to the direction of the vein, find a good vein, flip it parallel to the vein, and then put your needle in that U gap. Simple as that.

3d Printed Medical Vein Finder

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