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3D printed moon building designs revealed

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

Architect Foster and Partners revealed the design of a building on the moon that can be built with materials that already exist on the surface.

The inflatable structure will be transported from the Earth and then covered with a shell built with a 3D printer.

printer operated by a robot will use the soil on the moon, the so-called lunar soil, to build a layered cover.

The proposed site of the building is the moon's south pole.

The company says it is designed to accommodate four people and can be extended.

In 2010, a research team from Washington State University found that 3D printers can use artificial rock bases containing silicon, aluminum, calcium, iron, and magnesium oxides to make solid objects.

The latest plan is the result of cooperation between some organizations, including the European Space Agency.

The consortium tested the practicality of using a printer on the moon by setting D-

3D printer for printing the shape of a very large house-

In the vacuum chamber that simulates the lunar material, the larger-sized structure.

Xavier De Kestelier said: 'As a practice, we are used to designing for extreme climate on Earth and taking advantage of the environmental benefits of using local sustainable materials, 'Partner of the company's professional model team.

'This is a fascinating and unique design process driven by the possibilities inherent in the material.

The buildings built by the architects on the planet include the Wembley Stadium, the New York World Trade Center and the Beijing airport.

Last week, the deep space industry (DSI)

Announced plans to make asteroid materials by collecting asteroid materials and using 3D printers sent to space.

The company has also developed a custom 3D printer called 'weightless casting' for this purpose and hopes to start production by 2020.

3D printed moon building designs revealed

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