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3D printed mud houses will soon be an option in

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

In the future, cheap housing can be printed in 3D in a few hours. -

Use easily accessible materials such as mud and wool.

According to MAKE magazine, the Italian-based 3D printer company, WASP, has specially designed a printer to produce solid, versatile homes.

This structure is not completed in the video above, but you can get this idea-the machine (

Position that can be easily moved and reassembled)

The pipe flows out of special mud like Frost, layered to spray it into a reinforced structure.

When the structure dries, it forms a strong home.

The name of the company represents the world's advanced savings program, but their house --

The building process actually reminds me of a real wasp: the insects chew the pulp and spit it out to form the hardened walls of their cells --filled hives.

It is reported that the company has no established plans for the time and place of its first futuristic mud house, but is considering Sardinia.

Creators hope to build the first WASP House next year.

3D printed mud houses will soon be an option in impoverished countries

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