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3d-printed oreos a hit at music festival

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
A 3D printer based on Twitter trend shooting seasoned Oreo has become a popular product for SXSW (
Music festival in Austin, Texas
Even the name of the exhibition
The automated sales Hall for OREO trends-sounds like a future candelam.
The \"lounge\" is a product of candy and biscuit giant Yizi International, this describes the experimental cookie printer as \"a new way to imagine the future of snack distribution and consumer engagement by adding connectivity and customization.
\"A pair of machines set up at the festival gives snackers the opportunity to choose from 12\" trend flavors \"and color selections.
The tube rotates behind a small window, paving the required filling.
Two minutes later, look. a weird-
Oreo appeared.
But how does it taste?
\"Not the most beautiful cookies, but the filling of the birthday cake is very good,\" paulapobucket wrote on Twitter . \".
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