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3D printed pathogens help regional Queensland

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

Students in Queensland can do it now.

In the process of experiencing micro particles, Chongqing University turned to the 3D printing world and created a series of scaled

Learning tools.

The structure and shape of the virus can help us understand how it lives and evolves and how we treat the diseases they cause

But in a particle that is too small, it is difficult to see this with the eye.

The university's medical and engineering departments have teamed up to print a series of softball-

Plastic models of the size of various virus particles, including pathogens that cause diseases such as Ebola, Zika, polio and common colds.

Padraig Strappe, senior lecturer in biology, said this is the first time that different departments have worked together on such projects.

'We want students to participate in Micro

Dr. Stroup said.

'Viruses can be hard to study, so with this 3D printing device, we can get information about the structure of the virus and print it out on a huge scale so that students can hold them, look at the structural details associated with the disease.

Some models also show how antibodies to the immune system bind to them because they can neutralize the threat.

Dr. Strappe says the structure of the virus changes with variation.

'Flu is a good example. we have a very serious epidemic this year.

'With regard to the flu virus, we have two important proteins, ha and neuroenzymes, one of which changes in protein that lead to the need to vaccinate each year.

'There are slight changes every year, and when we have a more serious epidemic, we see a bigger change.

Simon Cumming, head of lab at CQUniversity, said the source files of these models were downloaded from various research organizations scanning viruses.

In order to make the model, the melted plastic is forced through the needle

Print the size of the nozzle, the shape is built layer by layer. Each softball-

The model of the size takes about 24 hours to print it out, and Mr Cumming says their accuracy is 0. 2mm.

How much bigger are they than real things? scaled-

The human body proportional to these models will lie across the country, with their heads pointed in Brisbane and toes in Perth.

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3D printed pathogens help regional Queensland students get hands-on with viruses

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