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3d printed pizza: print your dinner with foodini

by:Tuowei     2019-08-17
The engineer does not need to type the document and send it to the printer.
Now, researchers are working to make 3D printing as simple as it is so that in the future, non-professionals can use 3D printers to make whatever they like.
\"Our goal is to enable ordinary users to design,\" radomir Mech, a senior researcher at Adobe Systems, told Innovation News Daily after a speech from one of his colleagues here yesterday. Aug. 7). Three-
Now, people can make toys and other items at home.
Printer owners can create their own digital designs
Equivalent to a document saved on a computer-
Or select a design from the database to send to their printer.
However, the technology is still new, and it is difficult for non-experts to make complex designs that printers can still print and work as expected. [
The United States is ready to bet $60 million on 3D printing]
Adobe and another research group based in several universities presented their work on the next generation of 3D printing programs on SIGGRAPH, a Conference on Interactive Technology hosted by the Computing Machinery Association
Such programs will allow non-experts to create more complex objects.
These projects are \"the first step in the 3D printing button,\" said Moritz beeccher, PhD in graphics and interaction technology at Harvard University.
Making a movable toy shows a program he wrote that turns the digital blueprint of a rigid object into a flexible, engaged design.
For example, a stiff Dragon can get joints for its legs and wings, while a stiff hand can get movable knuckles and wrists.
The program analyzes the digital design, finds where the joints may go, and then automatically adds the joints.
The procedure ensures that joints close to each other do not interfere with each other and that the joints are strong.
To demonstrate the project, Bocher and his colleagues turned the digital design of 3D cartoon insects, monsters and one hand into a plastic toy with joints.
The body of an insect has more than a dozen joints and more joints on the legs.
When researchers and home 3D printer owners now design blueprints for 3D printers, they can\'t know if the design breaks when they pick up objects, send or do something else in the mail. M?
He said that after receiving the goods from the 3D printer, ch himself encountered this problem, which broke down after arriving.
\"Our goal is to develop a method that will eventually detect and correct all of these structural problems before the computer model is printed,\" Ondrej Stava said . \"?
Co-workers showing the ch they work.
Stava has written a program that scans the digital blueprint and identifies weaknesses by finding where the object is most affected by gravity and where people may grab the object to pick up the object.
The plan then suggests possible fixes to support weak links.
It might suggest making some parts of the design thicker and making some parts hollow so they are lighter or adding some small support to some parts.
The program is designed to find fixes that don\'t affect the look and feel of the design much.
Stava, for example, shows a blueprint for a 3D cartoon banana with a pair of huge eyes, thin arms and legs.
The program identifies the leg as a weakness-
Stava also showed a video of someone pushing down on 3D
Print banana man broken leg-
It is also recommended to support the Banana Man behind him with a small pillar. [Incredible 3-
Printing Products
3D ome 3D printing is not yet available, so research has just begun to make it easier for people to create 3D printer designs.
Technologies like Stava and bacher are not ready for the market yet, M? ch said.
He said he couldn\'t guess when people would see Adobe-
Brand 3D printing program on store shelves.
However, the idea may be spreading.
To the best of Adobe\'s knowledge, Stava says no one else has published research on identifying people\'s design weaknesses, but he has heard that other companies are doing the research.
\"So the solution may also come from other companies,\" he said . \"
\"I just hope 3D printing will be popular.
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