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3D-printed plastic gun faces U.S. government crackdown

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

Allowing anyone with a 3D printer to make a free blueprint for a plastic pistol that launches real bullets has gone offline after ordering in the USS.

People posted online said the Ministry of Defense. Cody R. Wilson, a 25-year-

Old students at the University of Texas Law School confirmed on Twitter on Thursday afternoon that the website Defcad, which launched the Liberator pistol blueprint from last weekend, was 'dark' at the request of the Ministry of Defense's trade control department.

See how the 3D printer worksA message at the top of the Defcad website shows: 'At the request of the US, the Defcad file is being removed from public accessS.

US Department of Defense Trade Control

Prior to further notice, the US government claimed control over the information.

'Defcad is committed to sharing weapons --

Related 3D printer blueprint by Texas-based non-

profit group founded by Wilson called Defense Distribution.

In addition to the metal shooting pin, the gun is made entirely of plastic, making the pin the only part of the gun that can be detected by a metal detector.

It caused a lot of controversy and caused at least two U. S.

Politicians speak out about the project.

Defense Distributed said its goal was to challenge gun laws, and just before the blueprint was released online, it released a video showing the successful test launch of the Liberator pistol this weekend.

The 3D printer can take these blueprints and copy the parts of the gun by depositing plastic layer by layer.

Parts can be assembled into complete guns later.

'So seriously, you only need a $1,000 3D printer and you can make the parts,' said Michael Legary of Winnipeg . '

Based on security experts, his work involves creating-

Virus software for companies and laws

Law enforcement agencies. 'It's crude.

But the gun is a gun.

This device could kill people.

Legary, shocked by the availability of blueprints, developed a 'hash', a digital fingerprint that detects the presence of 3D printing instructions for plastic handguns.

'The files are being downloaded in schools, in large businesses, and made on unauthorized devices,' he said . '.

'So we want to be able to detect these files before they have a chance to be printed and remove them from the network and the environment . . . . . . And control the printer in the first place.

'In Canada, it is legal to download instructions, but it is a question whether Canadians can legally print components.

Without a permit and registration, it is illegal to own a firearm, but not sure which stage of plastic gun production is illegal, if any.

'Ordinary citizens don't know . . . . . . How to make a gun, but they know how to click Print . '.

'They think that because they can click print, they have to be allowed to click print.

Tony Bernardo of the Canadian shooting Movement Association said he did not think it was necessary to keep track of those who downloaded 3D plans or printed gun parts.

'The right to information and the flow of information is something that Canadians value very much,' he said . '.

'I don't think the government is stepping in and limiting the flow of information because someone might be doing something wrong, which is a very rational response to this.

Clayton Ruby, a citizen.

Rights lawyers saw both sides of the debate.

'Guns spread in this way is terrible and that is something that the government has to control,' he said . '.

At the same time, he added, 'I don't know what I'm trying to say is that we have the right to infringe on everyone's privacy while monitoring their printers because it's too much. '

3D-printed plastic gun faces U.S. government crackdown

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