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3d printed portraits made with dna from cigarette butts to feature in new wellcome collection display

by:Tuowei     2019-08-26
The DNA in discarded cigarette butts and chewing gum is used to create a series of lives.
The 3D printed portrait size of the new exhibition in Huikang collection.
American artist Heather Dewey
Hagborg picked up cigarettes and hair on the streets of New York for her project called \"stranger vision.
She then analyzed the DNA to determine the gender and race of the person involved, as well as their possible eye color and other features, including the size of the nose, and then used face-
Generate software and 3D printers to create a series of speculative portraits.
In addition, a series of works by disabled artists, including Yinka shawnibal, are on display in the new gallery dedicated to exploring \"what human means in the 21 st century.
The new permanent display called \"people\" will show about 50 items that reflect changing relationships with the world, exploring Trust, identity and health.
It will be divided into four parts: genetics, mind and body, infection and climate collapse.
Works by Deborah Kelly, Catherine alanello, Kia rabbeja, Superflex, Orma collective, cassis, Tasha mark will also be featured.
After 12 years, humans will replace the current medical Gallery with nearly 2 million visits. Turner Prize-
In order to design the space, the award-winning art and architecture collective was designed.
The new gallery at Euston Road building will be open to the public for free and will open on September 5.
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