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3D-printed shoes help horse to walk again

by:Tuowei     2019-06-09

CSIRO's 3D printing experts use this technology to help disabled horses walk again. Holly, a ten-year-

For three years, the old horse has been suffering from a chronic foot disease called laminitis, which causes inflammation between the hoof and the bone, making walking painful.

The scientists scanned her damaged hoof and used a 3D printer to make a carefully customized titanium horseshoe.

Dr Luke Wells, CSIRO vet, said the shoes will redistribute weight, stay away from the pain areas of the feet and promote the recovery of HollySmith.

'She should walk normally within a few weeks without pain,' he said . '.

' lot of attempts have been made in the past to cure Laminitis inflammation, but the 3D scanning and design part of this process is very exciting for us.

'CSIRO scientists have previously used 3D printing technology to make titanium horseshoe for racing cars.

They claimed in October that the shoes were 50 lighter in weight than standard castingsAluminum shoes.

3D-printed shoes help horse to walk again

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