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3D Printed Snowmobile

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

For a long time, I have been trying to find a project that challenges my CAD design skills.

With winter coming up, I came up with an idea to create a 3D printed snowmobile! Sound cool? Isn't it?

It took me some time to draw what it looks like on Fusion360 and print.

This is a very decent, very big 3D printed snowmobile I designed.

I am proud of it and hope you will like it :)Enjoy!

Watch the video because it's cool or at least I hope so :)

Here are the parts I use: Motor: Spring: Bearing: x46 23 ZZ bearing: x2M8x 100mm x6m3x 16mm X6M3x 30mm x4 m8 nutsM8 washersYou can find all STL files above or above on my Thingiverse account: printed parts on this printer: this project, I used the custom Arduino board I made, but this is the project I'm still working on, so it won't be released anywhere.

You can replace it with any Arduino board with a DC motor controller.

The first thing we have to put together is the rail mechanism, there are two zhangers, some gears to drive it, few other parts.

Put two long components 608zz bearings first.

You may need to sprinkle a little sand for them.

The best way to install the bearing permanently is to use the vise like I did.

Then connect a pair of wheels together with a small 3d printing distance (

See above).

I used the M3x 8mm screw for this.

In addition, make sure to use the appropriate distance for each wheel pair.

Grab the M8x 100mm screw, fit the pinion, add a washer, put it in the bearing, add a washer, place a pair of gears on the screw, then wash the 3D printed parts again with the bearings, washers and nuts.

Do the same with the front stretcher, but replace the gear wheel with the stretcher wheel (bigger one).

Fix the stretcher mechanism arm to the left and right.

We have to put a 623ZZ bearing in both of them.

I used a small clip here instead of a vise.

Connect the top stretcher wheel to the arm with the M3x 30mm screw through the bearing.

This is the track drive mechanism (

Back of snowmobile).

This explanation may not be easy to understand, sorry :)

Watch my video and it's easier when you see what I'm doing and when I try to explain it.

We must be able to turn left or right in order to control the snowmobile.

The snowmobile turned because of the slip in front.

For this project, I struggled a lot with the design of the steering system, I wanted to make a suspension for both slides, but also wanted to control them with a servo motor.

Finally, I designed a simple and flexible solution that can be easily controlled with a servo motor and using a simple spring as a suspension.

Here is how to assemble: fix the servo motor on the main body (

Largest part of 3D printing)with 2 screws.

Now we can connect the shock absorber Holder, the non-slip bracket and the steering joint together as I used the M3x 20mm screw.

Fix the slip on the skid support part using the M3x 16mm, you don't need to use the nut there, but if you want, you can use the longer screw with the nut.

This is an interesting part.

Since the damper support has to be able to move, I decided to use different types of connections here.

I used a filament instead of a screw and I could put it in a hole and press it on both sides with a hot flat screwdriver to make a 'rivet '.

It works very well, you can use any length you want when designing, it is cheap and uniform.

We will connect the tracks in exactly the same way.

Connect the steering connector to the steering connector with two M3 screws.

The steering system is almost ready. The last thing is to fix the servo arm on the servo system.

You might say it's too much for this project and we don't need to pause.

You're right, but I 'd like to pause and make it more professional and challenge myself again in terms of design.

It's totally worth it!

It works well and looks good.

Only two springs and suddenly it doesn't look very interesting :)

We have to repair the motor before installing the track and it will be more difficult later.

Use M3 screws and fix them with nuts on the other side.

Remember to put on the gear and fix it with screws.

* On the image you will see the different gears and then you can find them in the STL file.

After some testing, it was found that the gear was too big for this motor and I had to design the new gear and now it works fine.

I just wanted to clarify so you don't get confused.

Place two springs between the left and right part and the stretcher arm.

We will use the same method to connect the material together with filaments instead of screws.

Grab an old flat screwdriver, heat it, place a thin wire in the hole of the track, melt both ends of the thin wire.

We need to connect 24 tracks in this way.

To close the truck ring, place it on the back of the snowmobile and make the rivets.

Make sure the truck is free to move.

Now we can connect the body to the rail mechanism with the M5x 12mm screw.

I also fixed this screw with a nut on the other end.

The electronics will be very simple, but it's not that simple because I use a DC motor.

The servo is connected directly to the RC receiver, but another channel of the receiver is connected to my custom PCB with a built-in-

At Bridge H, there is also the atmega328 with Arduino boot loader.

This can also be done with normal Arduino boards and DC motor controllers.

I'm still working on this board and it's not ready yet and I'll make a video about it once it's done.

I used 3 s Li as a battery-Po.

If you change this motor to a BLDC motor controlled with ESC, it will be much simpler to control and you don't even need an Arduino.

The code I wrote can be found below.

I'm not really God for what RC is, so I'm not sure if the explanation for this connection is appropriate.

It's also hard to do, so if you have any questions, just ask them in the comments.

This step is optional.

Due to the printing direction of the front, there are many supporting materials that are difficult to remove.

The finish of this part was really poor and I decided to polish it down, fill it up and paint it.

It took some time but definitely looks much better now!

Watch my video and see how this snowmobile works.

Driving it was really cool, it was a fun but also challenging project for me.

I'm really glad it worked so well.

I don't have any stronger motors so far, so I have to find a motor and update this item to make it faster and faster :)

I hope you enjoyed the instructions.

If you have any questions, please let me know what you think in the comments!

Thank you for reading :)Happy making!

3D Printed Snowmobile

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