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3D-printed stethoscopes in war zones

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

Doctors in remote parts of the world can now 3D-

Using recycled plastic to print a clinically validated stethoscope, thanks to the design of a device template by scientists that can save lives during a war when medical supplies are scarce.

'According to we know this is the first time public

'Source medical devices have been clinically validated and are widely used,' said Tarek Loubani, associate professor at University of Western Ontario, Canada . '. Prof.

During the war, when medical supplies were often in short supply, Lubani worked as a doctor in a hospital in Gaza.

'We want doctors and related healthcare professionals to have quality products.

The study found that the sound quality of our stethoscope is the same as that of an upscale brand, 'he said. The idea to 3D-

The printed stethoscope was born while playing with the toy stethoscope, and it noticed that its function performed well.

This led the researchers to design an open

Access template for 3D

printed stethoscope made of recycled plastic can be used.

The Stethoscope modeling Stethoscope, known as the Glia model, is made using free open source software to keep it low cost and allow easy access to the code for others.

Using the Glia template, the stethoscope can be manufactured in less than three hours with a production cost of less than $3.

Anyone who has a 3D printer and has access to ABS-

Plastic for garden chairs and Lego toys

Devices can be created.

The results of this study, published online today in the journal plos one, show that it has the same acoustic quality as the best stethoscope on the market.

'The use of open source methods in all aspects of this project has made a strong contribution to medical device research institutions,' said Dr. Gabriela Coleman, a famous scholar in technology and open source software.

'This study provides a guide for others to create health care

Graded open access devices that can reduce costs and ultimately save lives . 'Coleman.

Currently in clinical use, the device is currently in clinical use by doctors and related health professionals in Gaza and is also being tested at the London Centre for Health Sciences, Ontario, Canada. Prof.

In places such as London where doctors rely heavily on ultrasound, CT and other diagnostic techniques, the stethoscope may not be considered critical for diagnosis and treatment, Loubani said.

However, in the war,

The stethoscope is a necessary tool.

'As other resources decrease, the utility of the stethoscope increases.

In London, if someone is shot, I can use an ultrasound to see if there is life in it --

'The threatened air bag is called the chest,' he said . 'Loubani said.

'In Gaza, the first aid department has no ultrasound, or is run down, so the stethoscope has become a cheap tool for us to live --

Savings decisions, 'he said.

The hope now is to create templates for other medical devices that can be used in-

Location where resources are scarce

3D-printed stethoscopes in war zones

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