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3D printed tools cut titanium, win top innovation prize

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

High-strength cutting tools can now be printed in 3D, which can save time and money for aerospace and defense manufacturers.

RMIT University doctoral candidate Jimmy Toton won 2019 young national defense Innovator Award and $15,000 award at Avalon International air show in cooperation with the Defense Materials Technology Center (DMTC)

And the industry partner, Sutton Tools.

Because the metal used for defense and aerospace is very strong, it is a major and expensive challenge to make high quality cutting tools.

This collaborative project in the RMIT advanced manufacturing area is the first convincing demonstration of 3D printing steel tools that can cut titanium alloy, or in some cases better than conventional steel tools.

Toton said: 'Now that we have shown what is possible, the full potential of 3D printing can begin to be applied to the industry, where it can increase productivity while reducing costs

The height of the team-

Steel milling cutters with excellent performance are manufactured using laser metal deposition technology, which works by feeding metal powder into a laser beam.

With the movement of the laser and the solidification of the metal at the trailing edge, a 3D object is constructed layer by layer.

This additional manufacturing process also allows the construction of objects with complex internal and external structures.

Toton overcomes the big challenge of having layers 'print' to form a solid, cracked

When he goes from the initial concept to the development, the free part.

He is now trying to build a printing factory. to-

Order capability of advanced manufacturing supply chain in Australia.

'Manufacturers need to make the most of these new opportunities to be or remain competitive, especially when manufacturing costs are high,' says Toton . '.

'There is now a real opportunity to lead this technology. logy. ”

3D printed tools cut titanium, win top innovation prize

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