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3D-printed ultrasound lets blind woman 'see' her

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

video showed that a blind woman 'saw' her unborn child by holding an a3Dprinted ultrasound, attracting more than millions of viewers in a few days.

In 2012, when a Japanese company started offering the service, the news that the number of human foetuses could be 3d printed as a souvenir for prospective parents was first revealed.

Businesses in the United StatesS.

South Korean Internet users followed suit, prompting many people on the internet to ask why people would buy 'weird' paper dolls for $1,300.

However, with the Internet learning that 30-year-old Tatiana grera has been blind since 17, this conversation has changed a lot.

In a video released last week by Hugo brasill, a doctor saw a swim-in during an examination 20 weeks after pregnancy.

When an ultrasound was performed, the doctor told her the baby's healthy heart rate.

'Doctor, what is his face like?

Guerra asked in Portuguese that she could not view the ultrasound images herself.

'His nose looks like yours . . . . . . His two little eyes are closed . . . . . . How do you imagine him? ' he responds.

'Oh, I think it's him,' said the expectant mother.

'His nose is like a little potato . . . . . . small mouth . . . . . . chubby little hand.

'The video is then cut to a mobile 3d printing station that shows an ultrasound image used to create a physical model of an unborn baby.

When the fetus was brought into the room with grera, the doctor told her that it was a photo of her son and that she intended to name Murilo.

You can see her touching reaction to herself in the video below.

The application of 3D technology in human body repair and assistance has been well developed.

There have been records in recent years, but Guerra's story is the first to disclose how this technology helps blind mothers 'see' The ultrasound of her unborn child

Although this is part of the advertising campaign, the internet likes it very much.

YouTube video views have jumped from around 50,000 to more than 1.

6 million in just two days.

3D-printed ultrasound lets blind woman

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