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3D Printer Basics and Troubleshooting: FDM Printers

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

This Instructable helps to understand the basics of 3D printing and how to solve the most common problems with FDM 3D printers.

The images were taken from the slides I created to help people do 3D printing.

What is a 3D printer?

robot that can make 3D objects using electronic data, also known as additive manufacturing. FDM)

Selective laser sintering by layer (SLS)

The laser melts the plastic powder layer by layer-stereo forming UV light layer by layer to harden the liquid layer by layer, why do FDM printing?

FDM 3D printing is popular as it is the lowest cost method to create prototypes and improve designs at home-thicker parts, rough surface finish with the lowest cost, quick printing of large parts can be twisted without the heating bed support structure, usually within 11 'X 6' The heating bed support structure is required.

060 'There may be a chaotic nozzle blockage or a loss of layer parts that are twisted or not glued to the inner diameter of the bed hole (ID)

Smaller than expected bridge to support multiple

Regional Temperature control is critical! Zone 1 (~200 for PLA)

The filament melts and is introduced from the cooling filament above Zone 2 (~Room Temp Fan)

The filament leads in and introduces the molten plastic.

If it's too hot, snap. Zone 3 (~Room Temp Fan)

Fine wire cooling harden quickly verify that the temperature area works within the range of 10% to ensure that when the fine wire is low, the shell in the feeder gear nozzle does not seem to clog more-the moisture may be absorbed into a new filament or a whole roll seems to solve the problem, preheating the nozzle and manually pushing the filament through, to feel that it is easy to pass through, the resistance should be the minimum amount to measure the output diameter and should be close to the nozzle diameter.

It is possible that 15mm or higher layer thickness will have the best effect due to its own reasons

The clean output should be close to the nozzle diameter.

The thinner output means that the nozzle is still very important for the first layer!

-The first layer should be an application like a glue worm-the nozzle will clog if it is too close to the bed heating bed (~60掳C for PLA)

Or the painter's tape can help the raft stick things but without warping consider vertical printing of the ribs at the bottom of the large surface, rather than horizontal printing, which creates tension if the possible holes are turned off around the holes, and pull the filament more like the rope Hole ID is affected, because if it is supported, it is not enough to stick to less supporting materials below, just like a radical weakening, the filaments can fall off the edgeSupports bridge that spans less than inches, without the need to support the gradient radius arch or the sacred shape, without the need to support the simple tapered support of the suspension feature, it is easier to peel off all the suspended geometric production mold versions more precisely, therefore, ofdm specific geometry such as hole size will not translate the parting lines required for injection molds on all 3D printing parts-online services such as CAD software and Protomold can detect the problem of 3D printing. ?

Shop with 3D printer-Laserbird. org (

Hackerspace, no time limit, no time limit)鈥揂DX (

Be sure to reserve time. have FDM printer)

Online service-shape (SLS)鈥搃. materialise (SLS)-Unified concept (

SLS, injection molding, machining, etc. )鈥揗akexyz (

Find a 3D printer in your area)

Buy desktop 3D printer-low-

The cost of high-end 3D printers is still as high as thousands of dollars, with very little cost.

The terminal printer on the market is good (

Buy carefully)

3D Printer Basics and Troubleshooting: FDM Printers

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