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3D printer by Sask. man gets record crowdsourced cash

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

Saman man who developed an affordable 3D printer attracted worldwide attention and received more than $700,000 in crowdsourcing funds.

The 28-year-old from Yorkton, Relan Gratton, Says Curiosity has driven his efforts to create a 3D copier that costs just $100. Other high-

Tech 3D printers cost thousands of dollars or more.

'I don't have enough money to buy a 3D printer I want, so I'm starting to think about how to do it myself?

In an interview with CBC News at a shop in Saskatoon, Gratton said he was there working on the project with his brother.

'All I want to do is invent,' Gratton said . ' He talked about the possible wealth associated with a reasonably priced 3D printer.

'I hope to have a lot of money so that I can complete my other inventions.

. . . . . . I don't want to buy a yacht.

I won't buy any luxury cars.

'How exactly does 3D printing work?

Although Gratton has not received formal training in engineering or computer science, he has been a tinder all his life.

Grayston's software uses the sound card on his laptop to convert objects into file data.

The information on this audio file is sent to the electro-magnetic mirror and laser beam that vibrates and moves according to the data of the specially acrylic resin construction 3d object.

Unlike other expensive devices, the Peachy Printer in Gratton does not have a motor or microprocessor.

With marketing help from 22-year-old Nathan Grayston, a video on YouTube introducing their 3D printer suite attracted a total of $720,000 in crowdsourcing funding, most of which came from online entrepreneur support

The experts were impressed by the way Greyston made the machine, which impressed the experts in the field.

'It surprised me,' David Gerhard, professor of computer science at the University of Regina, told CBC News.

'The way they do things is very different from the way ordinary 3D printers work, and it's amazing to see the shift in thinking.

'3D printers produce' desktop manufacturing 'and as part of the purchase agreement, Gratton has about 5,000 sets of pre-paid orders.

He said his version was inspired by the information he found online, so he did not apply for patent protection.

He also posted his plans on the Internet.

'It completely changed the game,' Gerhard said of the machine he first saw --

Hands in York.

'Basically, you can find something around your house, and that's what's changing everything. '

3D printer by Sask. man gets record crowdsourced cash

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