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3D printer can make space tools from moon rocks: Study

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

new study shows that in the future, settlers on the moon or Mars will be able to use 3D printers to make tools from space rocks.

'It sounds like science fiction, but it's really possible now,' said Amit Bandyopadhyay of Washington State University . '.

Space travel is expensive, so the moon or Mars outpost needs

Manual materials for construction or repair. 3D printing —

An Emerging Technology

Building objects layer by layer using raw materials based on computer design.

The team used the original lunar soil that simulated the lunar rock to make some simple tools.

'It doesn't look so good, but you can make something out of it,' Bandyopadhyay said . '.

With the development of 3D printing, the tools it can create will also develop.

'As long as you can set up additive manufacturing, you can collect and print anything you want.

Not so far-fetched.

3D printer can make space tools from moon rocks: Study

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