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3D printer device that uses silicone, icing surpasses

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

Ont 3d printing, a kitchen worker, Ont. -

According to the company's makesa 3D printerextruder head, it allows users to freeze with a printed paste material, likecake, hitting a moving target in Kickstarter 24 for less than $30,000.

'We launched late last night and we tried to launch in stealth mode, but obviously we have a lot of people waiting for us to launch, so, once we have a live page, they jumped on it, 'said Charles Mayr.

Structur3DPrinting founder one.

'No one is able to successfully put pasteurized products on the market, especially pasteurized products that print the various materials we print,' he said . '.

This device, known as the Discov3ry extruder, can be attached to the filament

Based on a desktop 3D printer, users can print using soft materials such as wood fillers, silicone, clay and even nuts.

'Other people are trying to get the pasteurized extruder --

There are always some restrictions on the type of product on the market, either the volume of the cartridge, so you can only print something very small, or you have to do a very small one

'Deep cleaning of the system between two uses,' said Mire . '.

He said: 'This is how our system is designed so that you can switch between materials very quickly, such as silicone and cake icing, minimal cleanliness, no contamination between materials.

Self-soft material

The definition of container material is from

Included in the cartridge with piping and printing tip.

For example, in order to switch between Wood filling and icing, the syringe, pipe and tip are swapped out.

The first batch of $249 on kickstarter has been sold --out.

'These will be shipped within the time frame of September.

Then the next batch will be shipped next month, then the next batch will be shipped next month, and the last batch will be shipped around December.

Mire said: 'The time frame for January.

'We plan to make them in Canada, and it depends to a large extent on the quantity.

If we start to say million

'Through our Kickstarter campaign, we may have to move some of the manufacturing industry overseas, but in general, production will be in Canada,' said Mire . '. In mid-

May, Mire, and structural 3D prints showcase the extrusion prototype of Faire, a San Francisco Gulf region manufacturer.

Maker Faires is a showcase for inventors, hobbyists, and tech types who try to go from 3D printing to hand-made news.

Mire said his company's presence there has helped to increase interest in the extruder.

3D printer device that uses silicone, icing surpasses Kickstarter goal on 1st day

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