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3D printer for creating untraceable AR-15 rifles

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

The Ghost Gunner is the new computer of the company-numerically-

CNC milling machine (CNC ). Unlike its so-

Known as the Liberator gun, this is a plastic gun design made through a 3D printer, and the Ghost Gunner is a PC-

Connection hardware for manufacturing the lower receiver of popularAR-15 rifle.

The receiver is the control part of the gun, which holds the operating part and acts as the frame of the gun.

Weapons cannot be used without it.

It is also the place where the manufacturer places the serial number, which is required by law.

According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and ammunition (ATF), the United States does allow the manufacture of firearms with parts or kits, which states: '[] unlicensed individuals can make' fire guns 'as defined in GCA for their own personal use, but not for sale or distribution.

As a way to bypass this law, manufacturers can manufacture asemi-

Ars Technicareported completed the lower receiver 'technically not a gun, but as close as possible to the line.

The metal sheet is usually 80% finished and can be purchased from various companies.

The Ghost Gunner machine will complete the lower receiver and then the customer can purchase the AR-

15 sections online without waiting or background checks.

Colleagues in the company

Founder Cody Wilson is a self.

Describe the anarchy

He told Wired that he wanted to make the process of avoiding government arms control easier and easier than ever.

'This is usually the field of the gunsmith, not the field of the user.

'This is where digital manufacturing and the creative movement change things,' he said . '

'We have developed something that is very cheap and can be affordable for traditional gunmen.

You can do it at home.

Last year, when the Ministry of Defense released the blueprint for the world's first 3D Liberator,

Congress passed a 10-

The 1988 law prohibiting gun manufacturers from making guns invisible to metal detectors was extended for one year.

The plastic gun requires customers to have an expensive 3d printer and then retrieve the digital blueprint from the pirate bay of a similar website, which, despite opposition from the US State Department and other governments around the world, is a torrent website hosting information.

But with the Ghost Gunner, the process is much easier, and the pre-sale price of the Ghost Gunner is $1,300.

The sales price tag will be shipped on January.

'If you can assemble a gun or operate a 3D printer, you can use a ghost shooter,' the company said on its website . '.

'We found that the existing CNC machines are too expensive, too DIY, or too inaccurate to make guns for temporary users,' Defense decided to sell his own machine instead of a printable blueprint

'By reducing the building envelope to a normal gun receiver large enough, we were able to increase rigidity, reduce material costs, and at the same time relax some design restrictions, the company's statement said: 'allow us to sell a machine that is cheap enough to make guns. '.

Wilson says the switch is practical.

'3D printing [gun] is a signal about the future.

He told Wired that this is about the present.

'You can use this machine today to create something that meets the standards you are used. . .

The gold standard in the gun world is metal.

bill in California will ban it.

Known as a 'ghost gun'-does not contain untraceable guns from the government

The designated serial number was rejected.

Jerry Brown said he 'can't see how adding serial numbers to homemade guns can significantly improve public safety.

3D printer for creating untraceable AR-15 rifles hits market

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