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3D printer for students unveiled

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

The 3D printer developed by Botzlab Innovations was released at gravitas' 15. The portable 3-

D printer called 'ice'

In order to meet the needs of students, creativity, creation and exhibition have been developed.

This provides great opportunities for students.

Pinagan platavanam, founder and CEO of the company, said it was almost immediately handing over the products they were developing, while also seeing huge cost savings.

The university launched the Walkin Vellore AppAn Vellore app on Friday.

Rishav Shaw of Apple

Recognized team administrators and five other team members have developed the app to help people who visit Vellore.

'Assuming you arrive at Katpadi by train, all you need to do is use the app to find accommodation, hotels and restaurants, bus times and routes, taxi services, theaters, places to travel,' Mr. Shaw, a third-year B.

Said VIT's technical students.

The app will help people compare the best prices and ratings for the Vellore taxi service and make decisions accordingly.

It will also allow people to rate the quality of food in restaurants, he said.

The team has developed the app in about three months and plans to update the app in the next month and a half, including more details such as hospitals, police stations and first aid services.

3D printer for students unveiled

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