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3D printer maker Mcor to add 100 new jobs in €5m

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10


London-based 3D printer maker Mcor is raising 5 euros to scale up with 100 new employees and target sales of 2,000 printers per month.

Dunleer ordered printers from Boeing, Disney, Toyota and Nasa, which printed 3D models and color prototypes in paper and ink, is the only 3D printer in the world that uses paper instead of plastic, powder or metal.

Supporters of the company include John Ryan, a technology entrepreneur and investor. Co-

Founder Dr. Conor MacCormack and his brother, Fintan, are both engineers, and after working with the manufacturing giant Flex, which produces products for Google and Fitbit, they are focusing on up to 50 PCs

Founded in 2005, Mcor, which sold its first printer in 2007, has sold about 1,000 printers and is targeting a competitor that sells about 2,000 units a month, dr. Connor Mike said.

The company has 50 employees and will add 100 new employees in support, sales and marketing, engineering and software development.

He added that sales will be conducted through a network of 150 dealers in 50 countries.

'It took two years to develop our latest Arke model and another year to work with Flex.

While we focus on sales, invention, design and R & D, they can make them efficiently and reliably . '

So far, Mcor has raised 16 euros, of which about 10 euros came from Alpina Partners, a European venture capital firm that previously supported AMCS, a Limerick smart bin label.

The new funds may come from venture capital or strategic investors in the United States or Europe, mcmack said.

3D printer maker Mcor to add 100 new jobs in €5m expansion

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