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3D printer makes one-of-a-kind jewelry

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

Manual artist is testing with 3D printerto-

Order jewelry, from a copy of the heir brooch to a pendant that imitates your favorite fruit. HotPopFactory.

Com, a Canadian company specializing in making custom jewelry with 3D printers, is presenting the technology at a physical exhibition in Toronto.

Matt Compeau says it allows people to design the jewelry they want

Created the company with BiYing Miao.

'[Did not buy things from one source]something]

'The Internet designed by others can be participatory,' Compeau told CBC's Jelena Adzic . '.

'People can share designs, customize what they want, let their neighbors do it, and let their friends do it on the street --

If they have a 3d printer, hopefully they will have it soon.

This is the interesting part: everyone has the ability to make things right now.

'3D printing is a relatively new technology that has now been used to make everything from house to gun food.

Compeau and Miao use their 3d printer to make jewelry with ABS plastic, as do Lego bricks.

This is a hot plastic that can adapt to any design.

'People are crazy about it,' said Compeau . '.

'It's something they 've never seen before, and it's amazing to make it so interactive and present on your face.

' performance in Toronto lasted until March 31.

3D printer makes one-of-a-kind jewelry

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