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3D printer opens up endless education opportunities

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

new 3D printer in Edmonton can change the way people who are blind or have low vision learn.

For people with low vision, it is essential to interact with physical objects.

Create three printers-

Label entity objects from digital files.

With this in mind, the local office of the National Institute for the Blind of Canada recently purchased the printer with funds donated by the rotation club in strathona, Edmonton.

Now, they can print a heart in their office.

Including four rooms and Braille labels

For a student who is interested in science, Conor Pilz, CNIB Edmonton's main donation manager, said.

'They will be able to feel and understand it,' he said . . . . . . Because they can't see the picture in the textbook . '.

For their young clients, Laura Larsson, assistant to the children's department, has printed a model of a solar system and a tool to help cut.

The solar system can help students understand the space and huge size differences between planets.

'In contrast, it does show how small the Earth is,' Larsson said . '.

She had some young clients test the chopping knife.

Plastic pieces that slide on the blade and help stabilize-

Cooking activities on Thursday night.

Kyra Tymchuk, 8, says it makes it easier to cut dishes.

Usually, she has a line when she has a knife in her hand.

While the circle of aid still leaves an impression, 'it just feels a little more comfortable than this line,' she said . '.

Pilz also believes that 3D printers have the potential to help customers better navigate their surroundings.

Blind or visually impaired people often remember the blueprints of their workspace to help them move around, he said. “So they know —

'40 steps from the bathroom, turn left,' he said . '.

Printing models can give them a rough idea of the layout of the space, making the process easier.

Kyra's mom, Amy, thinks there's a lot of possibilities for a 3D printer.

Just last weekend, she went to the zoo with Kyra and her sister, who had the same low vision.

'When your child stands there and goes 20 feet away from you 'I can't see the elephants,' it's hard,' she said . '.

But the printed model of the elephant can help them understand the shape of its ears and nose.

Putting it next to a person's scale model can help them understand the huge size difference.

Pilz said that while some of these items can be purchased by printing the items, the staff of the CNIB can customize them according to the special needs of the individual.

Many items can also be printed at a lower cost

Each object ranges from 40 cents to a few dollars.

The price of the printer is approximately $2,800, and the remainder of the $4,000 Rotary Club donation will be used to purchase print supplies.

3D printer opens up endless education opportunities for the blind in Edmonton

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