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3D printer provides cheaper, lighter prosthetic

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

Los alamios, California鈥擲even-year-

Old Faith Lennox never thought about putting a prosthetic leg where her missing left hand used to be --

Until she knew she could design it herself, easily fasten it, hop on a bike and ride at the speed she had previously imagined.

Family members occasionally yell 'be careful' and 'be careful of that car,' Faith firmly puts her novice's bright blue and pink fingers on the left handlebar of the bike, and started a seemingly endless journey in the Build It Workspace on Tuesday morning.

Not long ago, the hand had rolled down from a 3D printer and it was done overnight.

'I don't think we'll ever get her out of the woods,' said her mother Nicole . ' She watched her daughter turn around in the parking lot on the outskirts of Orange County, smiling.

Artificial limbs represent a breakthrough in the field of artificial limbs.

It weighs only one pound, and it costs only $50 to make it with the same material that makes the drone and car parts.

When faith exceeds it in six months or a year, it can be replaced equally easily and cheaply, says Mark Mueller, a prosthetic professor at California State University in Dominguez mountain, who helped design it?

He said a heavier adult model with sensors mounted on muscles would run between $15,000 and $20,000.

Faith manipulated her hand without sensors.

Instead, as she showed after riding her bike, she moved her arms back and forth.

Turn on and off its blue and pink fingers in turn

'My favorite color,' she said with a smile --

She used to catch objects like the plush toy she brought.

Faith is the oldest of the three children, and when her posture at the time of delivery cuts off the flow of blood in her left forearm and irretrievably destroys tissues, muscles and bones, she suffers from compartment syndrome

After nine months of hard work, the doctors decided to have amputated surgery only below the elbow.

She tried something more traditional.

And more expensive.

For years, artificial limbs have found them bulky, heavy and difficult to use.

Her parents are notprofit group e-

Can give her a 3D-

Her mother says the printed hand, but the technology is so new that there is a waiting list.

She then learned from a friend what could be done with the construction of the It workspace, and his son visited him with his scouts.

Small studios teach people to use high-

Technical printers that provide access to them for projects and conduct commercial printing on their own.

Although the company, founded less than a year ago by mechanical engineer Mark Lengsfeld, has printed everything from the pumps of oil and gas companies to the parts of unmanned aerial vehicles, it was built by cold Fields and his staff. So he used e-NABLE鈥檚 open-

And convene experts from the University for guidance.

When the TV cameras captured the moment on Tuesday morning, Faith quickly strapped to their new work and headed for the ride, and cold Field admitted he was nervous.

He didn't sleep all night after finishing his hand and wanted to test it himself to make sure it worked.

'But she did a good job,' he said . '.

After her test run, faith gave a positive evaluation of the prosthesis.

'I don't need to rely on that much,' she said of her previous difficulties in driving a bike with one hand.

But she got busy when asked to show how her hand helped other activities such as school work.

She put her new hand firmly on a piece of paper and held it in place as she drew.

What did she draw?

Of course, her newbie has a robotic finger with perfect details.

3D printer provides cheaper, lighter prosthetic hand for young girl

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