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3D printer snaps together 'Lego' to help make drugs

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

By Niall Firth(Image: L.

State University of Bri/University of Illinois)

Think of this machine as a machine.

Lego and 3D printing technology assemble the molecules needed to make the drug.

This revolutionary Chemistry Suite is the idea of Martin Burke of the University of Illinois at Urbana --

Champagne and his team.

The small molecules needed to make drugs are tricky because they are not only small, but also very complex.

It takes time to synthesize them in the laboratory, because the starting materials of each molecule must go through a series of unique chemical reactions.

Burke and his colleagues have simplified this approach by looking at how complex molecules can be broken down into their building blocks.

Using these modules as raw materials, the machine captures them together like Lego bricks using standard chemical reactions and builds a molecule.

Instructions for specific molecules can be downloaded from the internet soon, allowing researchers to 3D print themselves.

In addition to the molecules needed to make medicine, the machine can also make small molecules for LEDs and solar panels.

Magazine reference and colon;

Science: DOI: 10. 1126/science.

3D printer snaps together

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