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3D printer to help build Moon base?

by:Tuowei     2019-08-07
London: European Space Agency (ESA)
Scientists say they plan to build a lunar base from lunar materials by using a 3D printer.
The space agency said that industrial partners, including the well-known architect Foster partner, have worked with ESA to test the feasibility of 3D printing using lunar soil.
The ground 3D printing technology produces the whole structure.
Our industrial team investigated whether it could also be used to build a lunar habitat, \"said Laurent Pabian, project leader at ESA.
Foster Partners designed a weight-
Bearing \"suspension line\" dome design with honeycomb structure wall to shield Micro
Meteoroid and space radiation, containing pressurized radiation that can accommodate astronauts.
closed HollowCell structure
It reminds people of bird bones
Provides a good combination of strength and weight.
The design of the base is guided by the properties of 3D-in turn
Print lunar soil, with 1.
5 tons of building blocks for demonstration production.
Monolite in the UK offers D-
Shape printer with a mobile print nozzle array on a 6 m frame for spraying bound solution onto sand
Like building materials.
First, we need to mix the simulated moon material with iron oxide.
\"It turned it into \'paper\',\" said Enrico Dini, founder of Monolite \'. \".
Then, for our structure \"ink\", we use a combination of salt to convert the material into stonelike solid.
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