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3D Printer Used To Rebuild Injured Man's Face

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

Surgeons are using groundbreaking 3D printing technology to rebuild the face of the victim of a car accident who was seriously injured.

The unaffected side of the motorcycle hand's face is used to create a mirror image that allows doctors to restore symmetry with new parts produced by the printer.

The virtual world of computer images is being used to make titanium implants using additives

Commonly known as 3D printing.

These images are used for design guidelines to cut and locate facial bones with precise precision and to create custom

Implant for the patient.

Guidelines and implants are being produced in the medical industry

Belgium has the titanium grade of one of the few professional 3D printing devices in the world.

Surgeons in Swansea, South Wales use x

Create a detailed three-ray CT scan

Design the size image of the custom implant.

This futuristic work is led by Adrian Suger, consultant facial surgeon at Swansea Morgannwg hospital, managed by Swansea tawe Bro University health committee.

The work is considered so groundbreaking and radical that it has been exhibited at an exhibition at the Science Museum in London --

Before the operation itself.

Peter Evans, plastic scientist and facial laboratory service manager, said: 'The patient suffered from trauma and multiple injuries throughout the body, including some fairly serious facial injuries.

'He had an emergency operation at the time and we are now in a stage where proper reconstruction of his face can be done.

'The project is the work of the technical center for surgical application reconstruction (Cartis), established in 2006, it is a partnership between the facial region of Moreton Hospital and the National Center for Product Design and Development Research (PDR) located at the Metropolitan University of Cardiff.

Cartis aims to make Wales a world leader in research and development and application of advanced medical technology in surgery.

3D Printer Used To Rebuild Injured Man

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