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3d printers are now able to print body parts

by:Tuowei     2019-09-04
One of the most promising cuts
The 3D printer is the edge technology used to print toys, shoes, car parts, guns and gears, almost anything you can imagine.
Now they can print the meat and bones. A start-
The bio-robot, known as the bio-robot, is now accepting an order for a \"bio-robot\" that can print soft tissue.
This will include cartilage, according to a report from IEEE Spectrum.
IEEE Spectrum says future 3D bio-printing can be as simple as pressing one button for heart tissue and another button for liver tissue.
So, what are the biological products currently used?
\"Biological products are used to make functional human tissues with human tissues
Such as composition and architecture.
Teacher Zhang, doctorD.
Tell Fox News in an email.
Zhang worked with bio-robotics in his early product as a medical lecturer and assistant bioengineer at Harvard Medical School.
These \"functional organizations\" can be used for two purposes, he said.
The two most common purposes are to repair damaged tissue and regeneration and to use \"as a model for screening drugs and predicting human responses \".
\"We usually make our own bio-printers in the lab, so we don\'t usually buy printers from companies like bio-robots,\" Zhang added . \".
But he noted that Biobot 2, the company\'s latest product, was impressive.
BioBot says it\'s the most compact in the market on BioBot 2 web page . . . . . . 3d bioprinter \".
\"The sub-1 micron accuracy on the x, y and Z axes allows you to print the structure with the highest resolution,\" BioBot said in a statement . \".
What about the future?
\"For example, we can get medical imaging data for patients (CT, MRI)
And import these into the printer in order to print the tissue that fits the shape of the injury in a particular patient, \"he added.
Zhang also said that it can be used to obtain from patients \"can be used directly for implantation without immune rejection, or for screening drugs/treatments for specific patients.
BioBot launched BioBot 2 earlier this month.
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