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3d printers bring high-tech manufacturing to the home

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
New York: not long ago, busy moms and dads will be brave enough to buy those Lego accessories or Star Wars battle cruisers among the holiday season crowd at the mall.
Now, as it gets cheaper and easierto-
Using a 3D printer, they can take out such a gift in a comfortable family living room or in a garage. 3D printers —
It uses a process called additive manufacturing to make objects from digital models by laying layers of materialaren’t new.
They have been used for over 25 years to make manufacturing and engineering prototypes.
But printer makers are now turning their attention to the consumer market and are rewarded with soaring sales and share prices --
And prospects for profitable acquisitions.
Some printers capable of producing simple items such as key chains, bottle holders and missing board games have been sold for $350 (RM1,050).
Cheaper than a high price-
The final version of Microsoft Xbox 360 and Kinect.
\"In the next few years, consumer groups are likely to eat up everything we do,\" said Abe reichtal, chief executive of 3D Systems Corp. , the largest listed 3D printer maker in the United States.
Stocks in Rock Hill, South Carolina
Based on the 3D system, the current transaction price is about $38 (RM114)
Since the launch of the first home printer Cube 3D in January, it has more than doubled.
Demand is three times as high as expected, Reichental said, although he declined to give the exact number.
Shares in Stratasys Inc. , another major 3D printer maker, have more than doubled since the beginning of this year to around $65 (RM195)
Investors are aware of the next big thing.
Private holding MakerBot released the first plug-inand-
Play 3D printer replicators for $1,749 (RM5,247)
CEO petpettis said that at the beginning of this year, there was a problem with too much demand.
\"We expect our orders to double the previous machines. A-
On the contrary, orders have quadrupled, \"Pettis said.
Brooklyn, New York-
Headquartered in MakerBot, founded in 2009, 13,000 printers have been shipped so far.
Research firm Wohlers Associates Inc. says about 80,000 3D printers of all sizes have been sold in the United States since 2007.
\"If someone has developed a very cheap and secure 3D printer for the kids, then I can imagine that as a toy, more than half of the families have 3D printers, \"Terry Wohlers, chairman of Wohlers.
Part of the reason for the stock price rise is speculation that traditional printer manufacturers such as HP
Paul Meeks of Saturna Capital said that Packard Co and Lexmark International Inc. may see 3D as the way forward and seek to acquire a publicly traded manufacturer of 3D printers.
\"Someone may be on top to improve the prospects of their own printing group,\" said Meeks . \" Meeks\'s company holds a small stake in the 3D system.
Michael puyle, managing director of Howard Capital Management, said the fundamentals are very strong.
Puryear said: \"In this economic environment, a small company that is growing at the top and bottom between 50% and 60% should receive a premium.
5% of the 3D system and Stratasys.
But what is the enthusiasm of investors?
Some analysts are worried about the rapid growth of share prices.
The market value is about $2. 1bil (RM6. 3bil)
Stock trading in 3D system at 30. 2 times its 12-
Stratasys\'s monthly forward earnings are valued at $1. 4bil (RM4. 2bil)trades at 42. 6 times. \"I\'m worried (3D Systems)
\"At some point, valuations continue to rise, surpassing the hype,\" said Meeks . \".
Grandeur Peak Global Consulting Co. , Ltd. , which sold shares in 3D Systems in June, said the company\'s buying frenzy could be dangerous.
3D Systems has made six acquisitions this year and eight in the past 12 months.
Revenue rose 52% to $83. 6mil (RM251mil)
Organic revenue growth in the second quarter
Divestiture acquisition-was just 20%.
\"I sincerely believe they will go the wrong way,\" said Spencer Stewart of Grandeur . \".
Net profit for 3D Systems is $8. 3mil (RM24. 9mil)
The quarter ended June 30, down 38% year on year.
But the market value of the company jumped to $2. 6bil (RM7. 8bil)from US$1. 68bil (RM5. 04bil)
In the same period.
Stratasys, based in the Eden Prairie, Minnesota, posted a 24% drop in net profit to $3 m (RM9mil)
In the quarter ended June 30, the company\'s market value increased by 51% to $1. 08bil (RM3. 24bil).
Others argue that market growth has aligned valuations. End-
Andrea James, an analyst at Doherty, said the market is open, so growth will continue in the near future.
Some people think that 3D printers can even produce food one day. -
Or even more worrying about guns.
Consumers like Tom Nardone in Birmingham, Michigan, who barely care about stock valuations, bought the MakerBot Replicator for $2,000 (RM6,000).
Nardone, who runs a marketing company, believes that these printers have a lot of potential in terms of homemade toys or toys themselves.
\"Some companies will launch the device for $199 (RM600)
Your child will ask you to buy it.
The 3D system operates online design platform Cubify. com (
It\'s like Apple\'s iTunes and Google\'s Android app store.
The owner of the printer can download patterns such as jewelry, toys, lampshades, etc.
Many of them were created by independent developers.
Cutting these sales will generate recurring revenue for 3D systems, as will consumables sales and services that users can order and print products and deliver.
Others took a more open route.
MakerBot provides free open source design and software download on its Thingiverse online platform (www. thingiverse. com)
Focus on sales of printers and printed materials.
Copyright owners will back down, but people are already using printers to make Star Wars cruisers, or cheaper alternatives than Lego or Mattel toys.
One thing Nardone immediately realized, though, was that the process was slow --
About 45 minutes to do an egg-sized thing, about 4 hours to do a soft drink can-sized thing.
The items he has made so far include shoes and back scratches for his little daughter.
\"The longest time to do something is 9 hours, and this is a huge plastic heart I made for my wife,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s still printing when we wake up in the morning. ” —
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