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3d printers can indeed make a ship in a bottle

by:Tuowei     2019-08-15
The BBC recently did a special job in 3D printing, and Jeremy Parkman raised a lot of mouth-watering questions at the scene.
In the interview, Parkman asked Paul Webb of an Objet if a 3D printer could make a ship in a bottle.
Webb said yes. now Objet did.
Objet uses a lot of it.
The material 3D printer can be very close to the appearance of the traditional vessel in the bottle.
Note that this is not a precise copy as the glass cannot be created yet by the 3D printer.
What does Objet have to say about this: I think Objet regards Parkman\'s issue as a challenge, and the company has achieved outstanding results.
I have always supported the work done by Objet, which further consolidates its machine as the best 3D printer in the world.
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