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3d printers ‘could be used to print off human organs’

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
Thanks to medical breakthroughs, scientists can print out alternative hearts, and thousands of lives can be saved.
British experts have developed a nozzle that provides a key development for 3D human organ printing technology.
This may mean ending dependence on donors.
Currently, only a single material or a set of materials can be printed by a 3D printer.
Human ears have been created through revolutionary processes, and scientists are working on making liver and bones.
The company behind Melbourn\'s TTP breakthrough said the medical possibilities were \"very exciting \".
General manager Sam Hyde said organ printing using Vista 3D nozzles can be achieved in five to ten years.
You need to get the right cells to the printer and keep them in the right state, he said.
Then, the key is to carefully assign these cells to the right place without damaging them, and our technology is very good at that.
In the short term, the printer can make simpler structures such as surgical implants, orthopedic implants, or hip replacement-possibly from MRI scans.
The nozzle will be made of various materials from stem cells to metal powders.
Dr Sean Cheng of the University of Cambridge said: \"People have been written off from the donor list because their heart is so bad-if you can print a heart dirty to them, this will change their lives.
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