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3d printers demonstrate rapid robot evolution

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
In some tasks, robots are more efficient than humans.
They have performed well in making cars, exploring distant planets and finding explosives, but it turns out that robots can also evolve much faster than their meat --and-
Blood peers
Dr. Nick CheneyD.
Cornell students presented his research at Cornell\'s in-house lecture on May 21.
Cheney developed a method by which complex computer simulations are performed in a specific virtual environment
According to his definition, the robot
Like animals in nature, they can evolve from selective stress, but within a time frame of days rather than countless generations.
To demonstrate the technology, Cheney showed how a range of different but effective robots evolved spontaneously from a single, inefficient ancestor.
He designed a virtual environment with only one parameter: robots that move faster can produce more offspring.
So the only pressure to choose is speed (
In the wild, Cheney compared this behavior to avoiding predators).
\"Nature is amazing in the way things are designed,\" Cheney said . \".
\"We want robots to interact naturally with the environment like animals.
Cheney believes natural choice
The process in which biological organisms survive, breed and change over time to better adapt to the environment --
This is a natural algorithm, very similar to the algorithm that engineers use to optimize robots over time.
Cheney\'s original robot, a clumsy cube ancestor, didn\'t have much to pay attention.
It stumbled along a straight line without being particularly rushed.
However, small mutations occur in its offspring, and the fastest samples breed with each other.
With the evolution, replication, and death of offspring, the appearance of the robot is more diverse and begins to accelerate on the screen.
In any sense, robots are not like traditional animals.
Although they have come a long way from the original four or four squares, they are still a collection of small squares, not a smooth, curved sample.
A robot is like an accordion, stretching and shrinking on the screen.
The other looks like a wave about to collapse, walking on three small dots and falling down almost every few steps before finding a balance.
Others walk with two far legs, or balance by spinning
Install accessories. [
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Printing Products
\"These robots walk in ways we never thought about,\" Cheney said . \".
Allowing robots to evolve without human supervision eliminates many preconceived ideas and biases that humans bring by default.
\"We start with randomness, which is the way we start our lives.
Most random ones are bad, but once in a while you\'ll be lucky and one will be better than the other.
\"While these robots are temporarily limited to virtual space, this will not always be the case.
Thanks to the advent of 3D printing, Cheney envisioned a future where his robots could be driven by air and pressure.
Like real animals, sensitive materials, electricity, even muscles, tissues and bones.
The latest developments in 3D printing technology have produced biologically active heart cells, liver cells and even skull fragments.
\"The things we can explore are almost infinite, and that\'s what excites me the most,\" Cheney said . \".
Fast-growing robots with specific parameters can create search from better vacuum cleaners to complex ones --and-
But Cheney stressed that this is not the beginning of the confrontation between human and robot creation.
\"In the future, our cooperation will exceed competition,\" he said . \"
\"Cooperation will be more productive than trying to take over the world.
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