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3D printers make practice hearts for surgeons

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

Practice is perfect and the smartest among us will agree that no one should stop learning.

In this regard, the doctor set out from the front line

Keep making sure they keep up with the advances in technology and medicine.

Now they take this to another level.

Surgeons were able to perform heart surgery on their patients

Not by cutting them, but by using 3D printing technology.

Heart surgery is a very serious job. a one-and-

Completion without error space;

Because of this, the need for the most experienced heart surgeon is high.

After all, the patient needs a surgeon who knows what he is doing.

But advances in technology have turned many heart surgeries from highly invasive ones to Lockholes.

The surgeon uses the catheterlong tubes —

When they manipulate the display for the required repairs, they monitor the display.

Now there is another level of technology that can improve the outcome of this surgery: 3D printing means that surgeons can practice on the exact model of the heart they are going to operate on.

This approach increases the chances of success, because the surgeon even has a better understanding of what she is going to do before making an incision.

The hospital, as shown in this week's video, performs an ultrasound scan of the associated heart, including all its complexity, printing a 3D model that surgeons can study and practice. As Dr.

Mark Reisman of the University of Washington explained that it helped him and his colleagues 'understand the nuances --

The nuances of the heart, and the relationship between the anatomy of the heart's interior and other structures.

'Of course, this is good news for patients, and the use of this technology is much more positive than the one that has been making headlines :-

Make guns that cannot be detected

The first video of the week shows

Leisman and his colleagues, with a printed heart.

The second explains how the magic of 3D printing happens and shows other items that the printing method uses to create.

3D printers make practice hearts for surgeons

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