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3d printers may be the key to repairing damaged bones

by:Tuowei     2019-08-30
Creating a new skeleton using a 3D printer
Researchers at Washington State University say, like materials that support bone growth, can be used to repair damaged tissues and fractures in patients.
This new material, like scaffolding, promotes the growth of new cells before Naturally dissolving into the body.
According to the International Foundation for Osteoporosis, nearly 75% of patients under 65 years of age have fractures of the hip, spine and distal forearmyears-
The risk of a general peak fracture between the ages of 50 and 59, old or older, is good news to announce WSU\'s pioneering work to millions of elderly Americans with osteoporosis and fragile bones.
Professor Susmita Bose, who helped carry out the research and cooperation
Published a report in The Journal of Dental Materials on its findings
And a post of its own.
Commented on the potential benefits of this material: \"For example, the degradation in the elderly when the chin is broken is very rapid, however, if we are able to control the chemistry and shape of the scaffold specific to the injury, we can start fixing the Chin immediately.
\"The breakthrough of Professor Bose\'s team was achieved when they found a way to double the strength of the main ceramic powder --
Calcium phosphate
By adding silica and zinc oxide.
In order to make the shape of the scaffold, they changed the function of the printer originally designed for making 3D metal objects.
It uses an inkjet printing head to spray plastic binding fluid on a powder bed to form a layer on the scaffold.
Each layer is only half the width of human hair.
It takes 4-to find out the successful mixture of the material-
Annual efforts involving chemistry, manufacturing and $1.
5 million of the funding comes from the National Institutes of Health.
However, the researchers said that while it may take an arm and a leg to replace the printer cartridge, the doctor may use the process to customize-
Ordering replacement bone tissue a few years later is about a tenth of the cost of traditional technology.
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