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3D printers that can churn out candies make their

by:Tuowei     2019-06-10

The Times saw the sweet taste of the future at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, and visitors saw that 3D printers are likely to be as common as today's computers soon.

Admittedly, the technology has been making headlines for some time, but their application has been widely discussed in the context of the manufacturing revolution.

There are more and more signs now that in the near future, 3D printing may appear in some of the most unexpected aspects of our lives.

The kitchen is such a place.

Once again, technology may be a catalyst for changing the culture of food.

Over the past few decades, technology has arguably had a greater impact on the food we eat compared to geographical or climatic conditions.

While the staple foods that people consume continue to be influenced by geography, climate and culture, their nature has been changed by technological advances in genetics, animal husbandry, chemistry and refrigeration.

Additives and fortifications change the taste and nutrients of commonly used foods.

All of this happens on such a large scale that most of what we consume today is only superficial compared to what our ancestors consume.

The 3D printer shown in Las Vegas promises that when you make candy, cake ingredients and decorations of creative design, you will only be limited by imagination.

The products are expected to be available later this year.

Of course, the longer technology exists, the lower its cost and the wider its scope.

Cold storage, for example, has expanded the range of foods people consume, although it has become relatively cheap and effective.

At this moment, it seems strange to take a edible thing out of the printer.

However, given that technology has changed the way we live, it wouldn't be too surprising if it became commonplace in a generation.

Frankview frankenfood tastes like gummyChandan nandyamin, many of the hot new trends in today's technology field have a very dark side, and 3D printing of food definitely belongs to this one

From sweets and cakes to pasta and burgers, this printer is used to make everything.

They promise to have new shapes and sizes, but the less flavor they provide, the better.

Once people really taste these 3D flavors

Printing food, once they experience how delicious and wrong the feeling is, the trend will soon disappear.

People will talk about hyper-

Processed taste.

Consider that 3D printing of food works on the same 'make' line as 3D printing of auto parts and guns!

Only food ingredients and water can replace the usual polymer.

No wonder research and experiments have found the texture and taste of 3D --

Steak, printed food, for example, is not even a patch on real things.

Of course, Nasa has commissioned a 3D universal food synthesizer'

Printed food can help astronauts get food on long-haul space flights where traditional food doesn't help.

This evokes the vision of the replicator promoted by Star Trek.

But most of us will spend our lives on Earth. Here, home-

Cooked food and organic food are healthier choices.

Even 3D economic bottom line

Printed food is not attractive because it is only commercially viable on an industrial scale.

As for what kind of damage this industrial scale printing will bring to families in South Asia, this is a truly nightmare scenario.

In this regard, the economy depends on a large number of low-income countries

Skilled manufacturing jobs will be greatly impacted.

While digital cooking may support astronauts in space missions, it's not something that humans can digest.

3D printers that can churn out candies make their debut in Las Vegas

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