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3D printers widely accessible at libraries, makerspaces

by:Tuowei     2019-08-15
Seems like there are more cool things to 3D print every day
From the top of the wedding cake based on a 3D scan of your engagement with you, to a replica of the museum\'s fossils, to a personalized iPhone box --
It would be nice if you had a 3D printer. And who does?
Not many people, but there are publicly accessible 3D printers across the country, from libraries to makerspace, to small businesses, that compare themselves to Internet cafes for 3D printing.
3D printing is now available not only in the libraries of major centers such as Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa, but also in small communities such as Sudbury and chisina.
And the town opposite Nova Scotia, from Yarmouth to Sydney.
How does 3d printing work?
AB Velasco, who helped set up a digital innovation center in the Toronto Reference Library, including 3d printers, said that this is just a continuation of the work that the library has been doing.
\"The library is one of the first places to use computers, Internet, wifi for free . . . . . . Therefore, the library provides access to other emerging technologies --
\"It\'s just a natural adaptation,\" Velasco said . \".
Personalized chess, TV audience
Provide coordinator for programs that provide 3d printer access in Colchester-
East Hanz public library in TruroS.
Since the installation of printerot in 2012, people have printed a wide variety of things, from magic-based personalized chess: collecting card games to parts to repair dishwashers or install televisions, he said.
The City of Truro even used it to print a waterproof case to protect the equipment designed to provide public wireless Internet access to the town.
Alex Lai, a digital design technician at the York Fort division of the Toronto Public Library, said the nameplate and jewelry were popular with library users.
couple even scanned themselves with the library\'s 3D scanner and printed a custom cake top for their upcoming wedding.
Since the Toronto Public Library began providing access to 3D printers in February, there have been 60-
Minute authentication \"class\" that library users must accept before accessing a 3D printer \".
Mike Harvey, a user of the Toronto Library, is keen to take advantage of his new access to 3D printing.
On a sunny August morning, he came to the York Fort division of the library with files downloaded from popular website Thingiverse, eager for 3D printing of an object for the first time.
Thingiverse offers free printable 3D models from toys to jewelry to home decor.
Harvie says he is interested in getting in touch with the printer in case something small is broken at home and he needs a spare part.
But he wanted to do a test project first-\"Look at the texture and firmness of it,\" he explained.
He considered making a toy for his two children. year-
But he changed his mind and decided to do something for himself.
case of his smartphone.
Raspberry Pi computer in size.
It\'s here to help Harvey.
He asked Harvie to pick the plastic in what color to use. He chose red.
They then discussed which way to print to minimize the amount of time and plastic, thus reducing the cost.
Because the whole project takes longer than the two projects.
One hour time limit, they decided to start with the lower half of the box and print the upper half another time.
Then, press the button and the print job starts.
Curious bystander microwave print head-oven-
The size of the MakerBot printer moves back and forth, spewing red plastic layer by layer, and six library users have gone through it.
\"Oh wow, that\'s great,\" says art teacher and designer Noomi Drury, who has never seen a 3D printer before.
She quickly asked her how to sign up for a library seminar.
An hour later, Harvie was invited to peel his case off the tray with a spatula.
\"I think it will be very good,\" he said as he checked.
In addition to casual users print knick-
In the library, entrepreneurs and engineering students have re-made prototypes of devices such as smart watches at a fraction of the cost of commercial printing.
The library charges $1 for each print job, 5 cents per minute.
Ross and Velasco both say they have a wide range of users from children to the elderly.
\"We certainly have a lot of tech novices who have never seen a 3D printer before,\" Velasco said . \".
\"Because we are the library, usually we are the space for everyone . . . . . . The use of the technology is less intimidating.
Unfortunately, not every community library has 3D printerin.
But in these communities, the public can still get 3D printers in hacker space or Maker Space clubs in most major cities across the country.
Over the past few months, a number of brand new printers offering access to 3D printers have been opened, including St. John Mark Space in New Brunswick, yukontaite in Whitehorse and Mark Vancouver
MakerLabs puts 3D printers, laser cutting machines in the hands of artists, \"in part because the cost of getting this technology is getting lower and lower,\" said Derek Gao, co-founder of MakerLabs.
Using makerspace is more expensive than using a 3D printer in a library
MakerLabs is-
Profit, $100 per month. Non-
The cost of profit margins such as Regina\'s Crashbanglabs and Calgary\'s Protospace is $30 per month and $50 per month, respectively.
Ben Eadie said, but at this price, members usually have access not only to 3D printers, but also to various other devices such as laser and plasma cutting machines, who is a board member of Calgary prototype space hack space: \"You can build a car from scratch in that place.
\"Many members are also very experienced with different types of equipment.
\"People in the library don\'t necessarily help you reach the level that prototype space can achieve,\" he said . \".
He added that the club has a wide range of members, some of whom are only 9 years old, and he encouraged anyone interested in 3D printing to come in and try it out.
Finally, there are a few other options for those who want to avoid the club commitment and the library waiting list, such as MakeLab in Toronto.
\"It\'s basically like an Internet cafe with a 3D printer,\" offers a 3D printing workshop and-on-
One training and assist in the preparation of 3D printing models.
\"You can really stop, take a short training session, and then skydive when you need to use a 3D printer.
The facility is popular with entrepreneurs, he said, in part because they can use multiple 3D printers at the same time to test different versions of objects.
On the other hand, MakeLab\'s workshops were popular on dating nights, and the children dragged their parents to print the physical version of what they built in the video game my world.
Other companies that primarily serve businesses sometimes offer seminars to the public, including the hot pop music factory in Toronto.
It hosts special events like the \"3D print kissing booth\" that encourage participants to scan themselves while kissing and printing models.
With so many options, almost anyone should be able to try 3D printing for the first time.
It\'s just a matter of figuring out what to print and where.
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